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CSotD: To Speak of Country Matters

Feb 19, 2020 by Mike Peterson

Steve Sack offers a bit of good old country comfort from the frozen north, as a way of breaking the Democratic logjam. Logjams being a hazard Minnesotans learned to deal with generations ago and country matters being where the Democrats dropped the ball in 2016. And “Hot Dish” being a Minnesota tradition at church dinners […]

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74th Reubens: Garfield’s Jim Davis Guest Speaker

Feb 18, 2020 by D. D. Degg

The National Cartoonists Society has announced that Jim Davis, creator of Garfield, the most widely syndicated comic strip in the world, will be a guest speaker at their 2020 Reubens weekend: A previous Reuben-winner, Jim will be speaking at the NCS conference on Friday, 5th June at the Marriott Kansas City Downtown. His exclusive talk for the […]

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DeBartolo Streak Ends; Aragonés Now Top Streaker

Feb 18, 2020 by D. D. Degg

MAD #12 comes out tomorrow and does not contain NEW material from Dick DeBartolo. That ends a streak going back to the June 1966 dated MAD  and lasting to the February 2020 dated MAD, encompassing 459 issues! As Tom Richmond notes: It’s also very much worth noting that this issue of MAD magazine is the […]

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The Weed of Cartooning Bears Bitter Fruit (2)

Feb 18, 2020 by D. D. Degg

At Boing Boing Rusty Blazenhoff writes of rejection. Specifically Drew Dernavich and his pile of cartoons rejected by The New Yorker. …That search led me to Brooklyn-based Drew Dernavich (and, boy, I sure am glad I found him!). On top of The New Yorker, he’s been published in Time, the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business […]

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CSotD: Ostriches and Reality

Feb 18, 2020 by Mike Peterson

Tom Toles expresses some impatience with the public’s willingness to ignore what’s going on around it. Granted, ostriches do not, in fact, stick their heads in the sand and imagine that they are hidden. We do, however, and, as Toles suggests, we not only do it, but we do it wonderfully well.   We also […]

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Rhymes Replaces Retail

Feb 17, 2020 by D. D. Degg

In The New Mexican Rhymes With Orange will move into Feuti’s Retail space. The comic strip Retail, a fixture on The New Mexican‘s daily comics page for years, is closing up shop. Saturday’s strip will mark the end of Retail‘s daily syndication run after more than 14 years. The strip’s creator, Norm Feuti, said he’s […]

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The Weed of Cartooning Bears Bitter Fruit! and other shady comic strip stuff

Feb 17, 2020 by D. D. Degg

Today’s Reality Check by Dave Whamond which immediately brought to mind, not Maxwell Grant’s, but Mike Kaluta’s The Shadow.   James Allen has now spent years as the signed artist of Mark Trail, and I, for one, am happy to see him drawing his own version of the character instead of lightboxing (or whatever) Jack […]

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CSotD: Dark Side of the Moonbats

Feb 17, 2020 by Mike Peterson

I’ve told this story before, but Ted Rall’s latest cartoon makes it seem more relevant than ever. A college friend was doing his psych rotation in med school about the time the Church Committee Report came out. The Report, O Best Beloved, was part of the examination of government we went through following Watergate, and […]

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Nick Downes is the Latest Case For Pencils

Feb 16, 2020 by D. D. Degg

A Case for Pencils asks cartoonists about the tools of the trade Nick Downes is the latest to take the survey, and he discounts my earlier theory (elsewhere today) that pencils are a thing of the past: I eschew electronic means of creating work as much as possible, as I enjoy the process of drawing, […]

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Newspapers: Stars and Stripes Funding Threatened

Feb 16, 2020 by D. D. Degg

In an effort to keep active duty frontline soldiers uninformed, the new Pentagon budget would cut all funding for the Stars and Stripes newspaper. The proposed cuts to the editorially independent news organization, which is partially funded by the Pentagon, were a product of the recent defense-wide review ordered by Defense Secretary Mark Esper, said […]

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Collectors’ Growing Interest in Original Art

Feb 16, 2020 by D. D. Degg

above: Régis Loisel An exhibit of original European comic art in New York City gives Forbes a reason to look at the collectors market for original comic art. Philippe Labaune, founder of Art9, has a few ideas explaining why American collectors are getting into original comics art right now. “The American collector is moving steadily […]

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CSotD: Random Laffs at Wiley’s Expense

Feb 16, 2020 by Mike Peterson

I rise to a point of personal privilege this morning to join Wiley Miller in celebrating his 20th anniversary with Andrews-McMeel and Non Sequitur’s 28th overall, though we don’t really celebrate anniversaries that are not at least divisible by 5 and preferably 10. Though, in fact, I’ve known Wiley long enough to remember when he […]

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Sandra Bell-Lundy Interview

Feb 15, 2020 by D. D. Degg

JH: You started drawing “Between Friends” when you were in your thirties, and your characters were the same age. What made you decide to let them age in real-time with you? SBL: The strip evolved as my influences changed. When I began “Between Friends,” there were no children in it, for example…The strip launched in […]

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Red, White, Black and Blue: Documenting America’s Racial Illiteracy – A Keith Knight Presentation

Feb 15, 2020 by D. D. Degg

Knight’s talk was both autobiographical and a chance to comment on society through his art. Knight, who grew up in Boston, remarked that he had only one black teacher in school – and that was a substitute who, as a comic artist, at least modeled a career that appealed to Knight. It wasn’t until Knight […]

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Cartoonists On Drawing Democratic Candidates

Feb 15, 2020 by D. D. Degg

above: Gary Varvel   President Trump made news last May when, in an interview with Politico, he said his new nickname for Pete Buttigieg was Alfred E. Neuman, a reference to the youthfully grinning MAD magazine mascot. Yet a month earlier, cartoonist Gary Varvel had already drawn that comparison. The right-leaning political cartoonist’s first contribution […]

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