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Comics Kingdom to Run Darrin Bell’s Editorial Cartoons

Aug 16, 2018 by Daily Cartoonist Staff

Comics Kingdom has announced that Darrin Bell’s editorial cartoons will start running on their site starting next week. The obvious next question is: does this mean Bell is leaving The Washington Post News Service and Syndicate for King Features? Will Bell’s work continue on GoComics? The only KFS feature that currently runs on both Comics […]

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Comic Strip of the Day: Press Freedom, if you can keep it

Aug 16, 2018 by Mike Peterson

Kevin Siers offers the most iconic cartoon on this day, when editorial writers and editorial cartoonists have been called upon to voice their support and concern for the free press. A few editor’s notes of my own: I decided ahead of time that I would feature six cartoons from however many came across my desk, […]

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Dirty Laundry: Comics Writer & Child Pornography

Aug 15, 2018 by D. D. Degg

Gerard Jones, long-standing comic book writer, was sentenced yesterday by a San Francisco court to six years in federal prison on child pornography charges. Jones, 60, pleaded guilty to the charges in April and was remanded on bail until sentencing. The charges were in regard to distributing and possessing child pornography. …As a result, DC Comics cancelled […]

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Complete “Katz” by Bill Griffith (+ Hank Ketchum)

Aug 15, 2018 by D. D. Degg

The Comics Kingdom blog today presents the entirety of “Katz”, Bill Griffith‘s 1978 comic strip for the Berkeley Barb.   And Ron Ferdinand shares a few critiques by Hank Ketcham of Ron’s Dennis the Menace.   Isabella (“Six Chix”) Bannerman, Jeff (“Dustin”) Parker, and John (“Snuffy Smith”) Rose also contribute what Tea calls, “some stories […]

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Jef Mallett and “Frazz” Go Swimming

Aug 15, 2018 by D. D. Degg

Jeff Mallett and his comic strip alter ego Frazz are triathletes. Jef may be a bit less accomplished, but is no less dedicated than Frazz. Jef is interviewed about his upcoming 4.2-mile swim on Labor Day across the Straits of the Mackinac between Michigan’s peninsulas that runs along the Mackinac Bridge. Of the triathlon activities, […]

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Jan Eliot Contributes 10 Years of ‘Stone Soup’ Originals to Ohio State

Aug 15, 2018 by Daily Cartoonist Staff

Noted Oregonian and long-time “Stone Soup” cartoonist Jan Eliot recently posted on social media about her permanent contribution of 10 years of “Stone Soup” comic originals to the Billy Ireland Museum at Ohio State University in Columbus. The Daily Cartoonist asked her some probing follow-up questions. ** TDC: You recently donated 10 years of Stone Soup […]

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Comic Strip of the Day: “Ephphatha!”*

Aug 15, 2018 by Mike Peterson

Steve Breen leads off today because he’s covering the news and not the noise. There are plenty of Omarosa cartoons, and we’ll get to them, but Breen is the first to pick up on this bit of news that is only news because the question it raises is “How many times can a man turn […]

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Carole and Jack Bender to Retire from ‘Alley Oop’

Aug 14, 2018 by Daily Cartoonist Staff

Longtime “Alley Oop” cartoonists Carole and Jack Bender are retiring from the “Alley Oop” comic strip.  The last original Alley Oop from the Benders will appear on September 1st. Jack Bender started on the comic as the illustrator (taking over for Dave Graue, who remained as the writer) in 1991. After Dave retired from writing […]

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Couple Celebrates 60th Anniversary in Rex Morgan

Aug 14, 2018 by D. D. Degg

Ron and Shirley met in 1957, in 1958 they became Mr. and Mrs. Bugos. They are longtime fans of  Rex Morgan, M.D., and the current creator of the feature Terry Beatty helped them celebrate their 60 anniversary in the comic strip. With their 60th anniversary approaching, the Bugos’s five children and 17 grandchildren wanted an […]

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Comic Strip of the Day: Covering Decency

Aug 14, 2018 by Mike Peterson

Juxtaposition of the Day (Clay Jones)   (Jeff Koterba) As noted elsewhere on the Daily Cartoonist, newspapers are standing up to the forces of repression this Thursday, and Clay Jones is backing a client with the above cartoon. Meanwhile, Jeff Koterba’s Omaha World-Herald is a bit ahead of the movement with an editorial marking its […]

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Clay Jones Joins the Counterinsurgency

Aug 13, 2018 by D. D. Degg

To counter what it describes as President Donald Trump’s “dirty war against the free press,” The Boston Globe is urging newspapers across the country to take a coordinated stand against his anti-media attacks. And scores have already answered the call to battle. On Saturday, Marjorie Pritchard, the Globe’s deputy editorial page editor, told CNN that […]

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Comic Strip History Lessons #358 – 365

Aug 13, 2018 by D. D. Degg

There’s a Man Who Leads a Life of Danger Secret Agent X-9/Secret Agent Corrigan ran as a daily-only comic strip from 1934 to 1996. Mark Carlson-Ghost looks at the star and co-stars of the strip, and at the creators assigned to the G-man. Secret Agent X-9 is well known by comic strip fans, but is […]

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Q&A with ‘Baby Blues’ Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott

Aug 13, 2018 by Daily Cartoonist Staff

In advance of the October release of their 35th book “Adult Time,” the Daily Cartoonist conducted an email interview with “Baby Blues” creators Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott. ** TDC: Your 35th (!) Baby Blues book hits the streets in mid-October. How does a 28-year-old comic have 35 books? JS: This is actually our 45th […]

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Comic Strip of the Day: Fewer is harder

Aug 13, 2018 by Mike Peterson

Monday can be tough for this feature: A lot of editorial cartoonists don’t work the weekend and so won’t post new material until tomorrow, while a lot of strips are just starting new story arcs and it’s hard to tell which ones will pan out. But this Kal Kallaugher piece is a good example of […]

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The Sunday Funnies – Classics

Aug 12, 2018 by D. D. Degg

In the 1970s Garry Trudeau edited a series of comic strip reprints. Among the “Cartoon Stories For New Children” was a Gasoline Alley by Dick Moores. Bill Peckman and Michael Sporn presented the book in two parts. Part One. Part Two.     Summer Fun.  With a title of Sunday Funnies we ought to have […]

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