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Comic Strip of the Day: Last generation’s blues

Sep 18, 2018 by Mike Peterson

Kal Kallaugher shared this 1991 cartoon on social media yesterday, and it was comforting in that it brought back the fury and anger of the way Anita Hill was treated, particularly by Arlen Specter, Alan Simpson and Orrin Hatch. Even those of us who remember the hearings have, I think, let the memories soften a […]

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The Death of Editorial Cartooning

Sep 18, 2018 by D. D. Degg

The cartoonist’s choice: Navigate a minefield of heightened sensitivities or produce pandering dreck for an audience of ideologues. Following the recent ruckus over a Serena Williams cartoon… What the backlash does remind us, however, is that there is not much public appetite for editorial cartooning these days. The medium simply does not fulfill the expectations […]

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Michael Ramirez – Advancing American Democracy

Sep 17, 2018 by D. D. Degg

Michael Ramirez and the Advancing American Democracy Award Ten days ago we latched on to the Mary Tucker Jasper Speaker Series and the Icons of Political Art from the perspective of Mike Luckovich’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution. A few days ago we mentioned Michael Ramirez and his new staff position with the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Now we […]

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Washington Post Letter to Editor Cites ‘Prickly City’

Sep 17, 2018 by Daily Cartoonist Staff

A September 16th Letter to the Editor at the Washington Post cited a 2017 Prickly City as the source of writer’s formerly held political stance. From the letter: When last year’s flurry of kneeling and other protests during the national anthem at the start of National Football League games took off, my view was best […]

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Jason Chatfield to Compete on ‘Doodle Wars’

Sep 17, 2018 by Daily Cartoonist Staff

Fresh off his head-scratching performance as Selsun Blue’s Dandruff, “Ginger Meggs,” New Yorker and MAD Magazine cartoonist Jason Chatfield, will be a contestant on NBC Universal’s “Doodle Wars.”  

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Rumor: Olivia Jaimes to Appear at CXC

Sep 17, 2018 by Daily Cartoonist Staff

We’re hearing from multiple (reliable) sources that CXC is getting ready to announce that Olivia Jaimes will appear as a special guest at the September 27th-30th festival in Columbus.

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Comic Strip of the Day: Legal Roundup

Sep 17, 2018 by Mike Peterson

Today’s Mo offers a chance to update yesterday’s comments on the limited social skills of Catholic prep-school alums. The parallel between Kavanaugh and Thomas still holds up, but, now that Kavanaugh’s accuser has come forward and elaborated on her story, the specifics have made the parallel less direct. While I’m not going to get into […]

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Peanuts: The Defining Comic Strip of Our Time

Sep 16, 2018 by D. D. Degg

Feature article by Matt Blitz at Today I Found Out on Peanuts becoming the popular comic strip it is. [W]hen the comic strip first appeared in the 1950s, [Snoopy] and his Peanut friends were considered, to quote Time Magazine’s David Michaels, “the fault-line of a cultural earthquake” due to the way the comic depicted life, […]

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Worcester Readers Love ‘Wallace the Brave’

Sep 16, 2018 by Daily Cartoonist Staff

In a September 15th letter to the Telegram & Gazette editor, a couple of readers are quite effusive in their “love” of “Wallace the Brave.” From the letter:  My husband and I are long-time Telegram & Gazette subscribers. We *love* Wallace the Brave: we love the style of its drawing, the characters, and their adventures. […]

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Comic Strip of the Day: Reality 101

Sep 16, 2018 by Mike Peterson

Let’s ease into the topic with Edison Lee and the perfect political speech. If you envision Orville and Edison in that final panel as a bar graph instead of as a pair of characters, you may have some sense of how such tautological, meaningless focus-group-tested drivel impacts elections. However, while little Edison is not yet […]

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Detective Comics: Before Batman

Sep 15, 2018 by D. D. Degg

Coming in March 2019 is an impressive tome.   DETECTIVE COMICS: BEFORE BATMAN (VOLS. 1 AND 2) HC Written by JERRY SIEGEL, MALCOLM WHEELER-NICHOLSON and others Art by JOE SHUSTER, FRED GUARDINEER, BOB KANE and others DETECTIVE COMICS exploded in 1939 with the debut of Batman in issue #27—and now, for the first time, DC […]

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First and Last – Short Ribs

Sep 15, 2018 by D. D. Degg

Frank O’Neal was a successful freelance magazine cartoonist of the 1950s and, like many gag cartoonists before and since, he thought a syndicated comic strip was the ticket to ride. So following the likes of Mort Walker, Hank Ketcham, Johnny Hart and others, O’Neal came up with an idea and signed with the Newspaper Enterprise […]

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David Fitzsimmons Reports from The Line Of Fire

Sep 15, 2018 by D. D. Degg

Arizona Daily Star cartoonist David Fitzsimmons spent part of last week in Mexico City attending The Line of Fire international conference. La Línea de Fuego was hosted by the Cartooning For Peace organization. As this Google translation explains: 18 press cartoonists from 14 countries meet for several days at the Memoria y Tolerancia Museum in Mexico City to […]

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Comics Kingdom Blog Asks Cartoonists About the Power of Encouraging Words

Sep 15, 2018 by Daily Cartoonist Staff

Over the Comics Kingdom blog, they’ve sampled a few cartoonists for the words of encouragement that most affected their careers. From the post:  Jim Borgman: … when every aspiring editorial cartoonist was falling under the spell of Jeff MacNelly’s work, I sent him samples of my fledgling college cartoons, which were struggling to stand on […]

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Comic Strip of the Day: Toweling Off

Sep 15, 2018 by Mike Peterson

For the love of God and Thomas Nast and Woodsy Owl, can we please, please stop with the paper towel cartoons? Yes, Trump once disgraced himself and showed his lack of compassion by tossing out paper towels at a photo op in the wake of Hurricane Maria. We all know that, and, in fact, a […]

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