GoGags soliciting more cartoonists for mobile phone deal

I received and email from Dawn Douglas, the founder of GoGags (not to be confused with Universal Press’ GoComics) who is wheeling and dealing to get more cartoonists to sign up for their mobile cartoon and “My Fridj” products.  These products allow any cartoonist to publish their cartoons on to mobile phones and take a generous percentage of the advertising and direct sales for each cartoon.

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Another comic to mobile phone service debuts

Information Week has a story about a new California startup company that is offering a free comic strip service that includes “Girls & Sports” (by Justin Borus and Andrew Feinstein) and “The Meaning of Lila” (by John Forgetta)….  Peanuts is distributed through Namco; Dilbert can be had through Verizon; Garfield is distributed through Gocomics; and GoGags is also a newly launched product that allows any cartoonist to get into the phonesWill mobile phones be the next comics page?

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Dilbert Fans Can Now Get Their Daily Dose of the Popular Cartoon Strip on Their Verizon Wireless Mobile Web 2.0-Enabled Phones

Can’t get your daily Dilbert fix? You can now get Scott Adam’s comic strip on your mobile phone. “Dilbert is a pop culture icon, and we are excited to offer this great new service to Verizon Wireless’ Mobile Web 2.0 customers,” said Adam Lavine, Chief Executive Officer of FunMail, Inc. “We are very pleased to…

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