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There are also online readers. I like Google Reader

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Here is an article on how to get the most out of Twitter.

288 thoughts on “Subscription Options

  1. Please add me to your subscribing list. I would appreciate if you could send me your daily comics to my email id.

  2. I’m switching to a different email and will unsubscribe from the old one when I’m sure I’m getting the newsletter at the new one.

  3. I’ve been doing a daily (Tuesday through Saturday) comic strip for the Daytona Beach News-Journal for 9 years, and this is the first time I have run into this website. What an amazing resource!

  4. Dear Daily cartoonist! Working for an international platform of international political cartoonists I am interested to follow your news flashes carefully in our quest for the best cartoonists around to join our movement!

  5. I’ve drawn editorial cartoons for the Chicago Sun-Times
    and other papers in the past. I became very interested
    in following industry news after meeting Michael Ramirez a couple of years ago at the Fischetti Awards. I still draw editorially, although I’m not affiliated with any paper.I’ve decided to pass on my knowledge of the caricature/editorial cartoon history to my ‘Introduction to Illustration’ course at Columbia College-Chicago.

    I’m very glad that I found your link,


  6. Hi everyone,
    I’m a cartoonist of a slightly foreign disposition, being British, but am spending an increasing amount of time in Colorado.
    Feel like I should meet the locals.


  7. Wow, I just discovered this site! I use to draw cartoons around 12 years ago, but went thru a divorce that knocked the creativity out of me! Well, I’m baaaaaccckkkk!

    Just need some advice on where to start. And is the market toooo saturated to try submitting cartoons to newspapers again?

    Thank you, and keep CARTOONING! 🙂

  8. Dear friends Cartoonists,
    It is time to celebrate your works, because the cartoons have a power!

    You are invited to join the 40.World Gallery of Cartoons ? Skopje 2012, awarding:
    GRAND PRIX for Life Achievement (5000$)
    FIRST PRIZE for Caricature (1000$)
    FIRST PRIZE for Satiric Drawing (1000$)
    FIRST PRIZE for Comics (1000$)

    The application deadline is January 15th 2012
    The pre-selection will be made and the selected authors will be invited to provide the original works
    The deadline for sending the original works is February 15th 2012

  9. Hello, I am a cartoonist, illustrator and graphic designer in Turkey. Please send daily digests to my e-mail. And how can I participate to your community.

    Please inform me.

  10. Hello.
    I am submitting this request to be added to your subscription list. I look forward to receiving your newsletters. I have been a lifelong fan and admirer of all forms of cartooning, but especially Political/Editorial Cartoons.

    Many Thanks!

    Gary Davenport

  11. Drawing a strip as part of a childhood dream that will not be denied, and also a midlife crisis. Met my mentor –a longtime successful strip artist from the 1980s — at Comic con 2 years ago and am finally making something happen. Luckily we are both still alive.
    Looking forward to getting more immersed in this world so I can stay on track.

  12. I am an amateur cartoonist right at the moment and want to learn more about the industry and tools used by the best. This looks like a good site to be for that info.

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  14. Hi, No idea whether I have already subscribed. But I would like to! I’ve been a lifelong amateur, but several well-known and generous members in NCS have seen my work recently and think I am good enough to go pro, introducing me to their contacts, etc. So I’m less timid about the dream and am taking my work a bit more seriously.

  15. LOL I just saw that
    I DID post here a few months ago. I wonder if amnesia will help my career.

  16. I currently draw a strip called “Fluffer and Nutter” and am mostly an editorial illustrator. I’d love to keep up with what is happening in the world of the professional cartoonist. Thanks!

  17. Interested in information on shading techniques in lieu of discontinued Duoshade as well as submission guidelines and tips. Thank you. EA

  18. I?m an Comic creator/cartoonist. Jan Eliot?s “Stone Soup” blog redirected me here. Glad I found this place.

    My cartoons and web comics can be found at

  19. Daily Cartoonist hasn’t had an update since February 17, 2016. Is Alan not okay or is there just no cartoonist-related news to share?

  20. “How New Yorker cartoons could teach computers to be funny”
    The weekly magazine is using crowdsourcing algorithms for the first time to find the funniest cartoon captions.

    With the help of computer scientists from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, The New Yorker is using crowdsourcing algorithms to uncover the best captions for the magazine’s cartoon contest. Before the computer program, an assistant to cartoon editor Bob Mankoff spent up to eight hours a week combing through about 5,000 submissions.

    Video and more info here:

  21. Why is there no activity or updates on this site? Has Alan moved on from The Daily Cartoonist?

  22. Other stuff and great dad business aside, it’s still sort of a slap in the face to loyal readers to be left in the dark for so long. Is this site a bust financially or something? Who is Mike Peterson to know the insider scoop? To crap with us common folk, I guess.

  23. Hooray, you’re back. my email address has changed. this is my new one.
    many thanx

  24. I drew local cartoons for the Lafayette (IN) Journal and Courier for almost 50 years. They had become a Gannet paper and with almost no notice, eliminated my position. No more Opinion page. Claimed it pissed people off. That’s my story.

  25. As a dad of an editorial Cartoonist I weep for the loss of the daily cartoon that held their feet to the fire as required..

  26. Thanks for your shout out for my recent Rex Morgan and June Gale article. I also realize for the first time that you gave a shout out for my Secret Agent X-9 article as well. Was great seeing your recent article on the strip and the final installment. The last few years of the strip are very hard to find. Searching and entering the comic strip name and year allows me (and anyone else) to do a deep dive into favorite comic strips, at least if they were still carried in newspapers included in the service. Incredibly time consuming but can be very rewarding as you watch storylines unfold. I also recently did one on a queer vibe present in Kerry Drake strip in the 1940s in particular. I’m working on Brenda Starr next.
    Not sure how I missed your fine website but I have subscribed so
    look forward to future installments and checking out your archives.

  27. Thought I already had a subscription. But the daily comics haven’t been coming lately

  28. This is a really JUUGH overreaction to a momentary misjudgement. Lets get real, boys. We need people like Wiley to rail against the traitors in Washington and the Republican obstructionists

  29. I am disgusted by newspapers cancelling cartoonists. I’ve been following it since this administration started its reign of terror. It is censorship and completely fascist.

  30. I just dropped my NYT subscription because they caved to trumpism and will not let certain cartoons be published.

  31. Thanks for cheering me up. I’m a retired big city tv news photographer and editor, and I miss the morgue humor that came with that daily storytelling.
    Now we live in Superman’s bizarro-world.
    Boy am I glad I don’t work news anymore.
    At least when I was a kid I read enough Arthur C Clarke and Asimov and Vonnegut
    to start understanding the real scope of the universe.
    Thank you, Artists and Writers, for the wit and the truth.

  32. I am a non published cartoonist. Just something I’ve always done to get me through the day. This is right up my alley. Can’t wait to learn more…

  33. I just found your site, and as a cartoonist, found it very professional and enjoyable.
    Jerry Weiss

  34. Not a cartoonist, but love reading about the strips and panels, in addition to reading the strips and panels…

  35. I am at the start-up stage on my comic work so I am appreciative of any healthy advice from your publication.

  36. Just wanted to say that the e-mails I receive are the highlight of my day. I have also participated in many events, such as inktober for the Library of American Comics, just by being notified as a subscriber.
    Keep up the great work, really necessary in these dark times.


  37. I’m trying to curate a comics page for my kids. I would like to receive a daily digest.

  38. I may be old but your site is brand new to me.
    Thank god for that aspect of google analytics; if only connecting readers to original content providers was a fee for service option that would free me from their business model.
    Thank you for your work.

  39. merci merci merci !!!

    et une très bonne année

    a french frog which delight in following your analysis
    … and has just lost your daily letter, thus subscribe again


  40. I just read a summary strips on your website, and realized that I need this kind of analysis. Sign me up!

  41. I am a subscriber but haven’t received an email for over a week, so I’m resubscribing

  42. I was a subscriber, but haven’t got daily email recently. I miss it! Please resubscribe. Thank you

  43. I was receiving the daily email until about a month ago. Stopped receiving it. I don’t know what happened. Please add my name back to the list.

    Thank you.

  44. I had been receiving the daily, but lately it is not showing up in my email, or the trash. I would really like to get it!

  45. Wolfgang and all, here’s the problem:
    “On April 14, 2021, Google announced they would
    migrate FeedBurner to new infrastructure but
    remove “non-core” functionality including email
    subscriptions, browser-friendly viewing, and
    password-protection. This was originally scheduled
    for July 2021 but did not occur until July 2022.”

    Options are being explored,
    until then click directly to TDC.
    We apologize for the inconvenience.

  46. I’m re-subscribing because I’ve received nothing for weeks. Hope things are ok with you.

  47. Hi: Again, I subscribed and received your daily emails until July 10.

    I checked my Spam folder, and there haven’t been your emails sent there.

    I enjoy DC and would really appreciate your restoring my sub.



  48. Sir,
    Please arrange to send the daily cartoons of The Daily Cartoon regularly.Thanks.
    R D N Rao

  49. Carl, Dick and all, here’s the problem:
    “On April 14, 2021, Google announced they would
    migrate FeedBurner to new infrastructure but
    remove “non-core” functionality including email
    subscriptions, browser-friendly viewing, and
    password-protection. This was originally scheduled
    for July 2021 but did not occur until July 2022.”

    Options are being explored,
    until then click directly to TDC.
    We apologize for the inconvenience.

  50. Hi! I am an avid fan of the classic cartoons that I grew up with in the late 60s. Thank you for providing a central news location for cartoon fans! I am a Reference librarian in a small rural library system in Louisiana. Thank you, merci, y muchas gracias! – Luis

  51. Good Morning:
    I was the United Media rep from 1978 until Scripps “outsourced” us to Universal in 2011.

    I was fortunate to have been hired by Alan Shearer and took over sales responsibility for The Writers Group and The Washington Post/Bloomberg News Service until I retired in 2019.

    I always enjoyed your site and am glad to find it again.

    Jim Toler

  52. Speaking of technical difficulties … Kurt and other recent requests:

    “On April 14, 2021, Google announced they would
    migrate FeedBurner to new infrastructure but
    remove “non-core” functionality including email
    subscriptions, browser-friendly viewing, and
    password-protection. This was originally scheduled
    for July 2021 but did not occur until July 2022.”

    Options are being explored,
    until then click directly to TDC.
    “We apologize for the inconvenience.”

  53. un très grand merci de France
    an absolutly delighful site
    and a great source of enrichment

    however, there appears to be a problem with the mailing list : i do not recieve any more the daily e-mail and when i try subscribing on the site, there is an error message
    any idea why ?

    merci et très bonne journée


  54. To Daily Digest Subscribers:
    The Daily Cartoonist (TDC) is in the midst of a disruption of sorts
    (that brief outage the other day was actually a sign of progress).

    The subscription service TDC used was dropped by Google earlier this year and we are in the process of getting it back up.

    Due to holidays, among a few other hurdles, the projected date of the subscription email service returning is the middle of January 2023.

    We sincerely apologize and ask for just a little more patience.

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