The Gannett 34 Comics Lineup – An Update: The Lockhorns Out, Sally Forth In

All this talk about Gannett and Doonesbury and The Gannett 34 reminds me I never updated the list.

The original Gannett 34:

Group 1: Blondie, Zits, Beetle Bailey, Family Circus, Hagar the Horrible, Dennis the Menace

Group 2: Garfield, Peanuts, For Better or Worse, Baby Blues, Pickles, FoxTrot

Group 3: Pearls Before Swine, Jump Start, Ziggy, Marmaduke, Non Sequitur, Crabgrass

Group 4 Crankshaft, Luann, Baldo, Frank & Ernest, The Born Loser   

Group 5: B.C., Wizard of Id, Close to Home, Argyle Sweater, Mother Goose, Rose is Rose

Group 6: Hi & Lois, Mutts, Curtis, Shoe, The Lockhorns

Groups 1 and 6 are comprised of King Features Syndicate comics.

(2 – 4 are Andrews McMeel Syndication, Group 5 is a mixture of Andrews McMeel and Creators.)

But on January 1st 2024 The Lockhorns switched distributors becoming an Andrews McMeel panel. It was then that King Features dropped The Lockhorns from Group 6 and replaced it with Sally Forth.

The Corpus Cristi Caller-Times is one of the few papers that run all of The Gannett 34 on Sundays.

Below on the left is the December 31, 2023 Group 6/page 6, on the left is the January 7, 2024 page.

Unable to find a December 30, 2023 and January 1, 2024 daily comics page comparison but here is the January 16, 2024 Indianapolis Star when they started running The Gannett 33 daily strips (No Foxtrot on dailies):

4 thoughts on “The Gannett 34 Comics Lineup – An Update: The Lockhorns Out, Sally Forth In

  1. I wish Gannett expanded to 7 groups to expand the Gannett 34 for its newspapers and maybe for a 7th. group add in the Lockhorns and these 4 other Andrews-McMeel owned comics:
    Big Nate
    Alley Oop
    Grand Avenue
    …then the Gannett 34 would expand to the Gannett 40!

  2. I’m a strong supporter of Breaking Cat News (Andrews-McNeel). It follows the usual pattern of stand-alone Sundays and themed weeks. Because it’s about real humans and cats, but with a fantasy element, it appeals to early elementary up through golden-agers without getting stale.

    1. Maybe as an alternate instead of Brevity: Breaking Cat News for the group 7 if the Gannett 33/34 expands to the Gannett 40?

  3. I wish all of the Gannett papers would have all of the comics in these ‘groups’, instead of just a fraction of them. A lot of people would probably feel a lot better about these changes.

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