Connecticut Toonist in King Features Court

Ray Billingsley, creator of Curtis, is featured in a three minute segment on News 12 Connecticut.

“Curtis allows me to express myself freely because I am a quiet person,” says Billingsley.

In Ray’s words, few have heard his voice, but he speaks to millions—43 million, in fact—who read his daily, syndicated comic strip, Curtis. Born from his childhood experiences in Harlem, New York, Ray’s journey into the world of comics began at a young age.

“I grew up under a very strict father. And because of the strictness, I spent most of my time in my room just drawing all day, always drawing,” recalls Billingsley.

By the age of 12, Ray was drawing for a children’s magazine, eventually winning a scholarship to the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. Despite an opportunity to work for Disney as an animator, Ray’s desire was to create his own comic strip.

Reporter Rebecca Surran visits Ray in his studio.

Read Curtis in your newspaper or at Comics Kingdom.

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