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Mad Cave has signed a deal with King Features to publish new comic book stories starring Flash Gordon. The partnership also permits Mad Cave to publish collections of Flash Gordon comic strips and the first volume has been announced.

Flash Gordon: Classic Collection Volume One is due in July 2024.

This is all fine and well, but there has got to be at least a dozen books that have reprinted these early Alex Raymond stories since Nostalgia Press did it back in 1967 (below). Though it has been twelve years since the last time I think.

Thirteen years since the full page (Flash Gordon and Jungle Jim) collections. Too much of a good thing?

The Daily Cartoonist features this book in last month’s Hey Kids! Comics! entry, but…

Stu Cowan for The Montreal Gazette hits a stand-up double with a review of Aislin’s Montreal Expos: A Cartoonist’s Love Affair and then interviewed the author/cartoonist Terry Mosher.

“It’s not meant to be a history so much as a memoir — and there’s a big difference,” Mosher said during an interview this week at his Lachine home. “There were things that went on I knew nothing about. But I did know enough I felt that I could speak legitimately as someone who had followed the Expos their whole career.”

Says Cowan:

It’s a fun, easy read with more than 300 pages full of interesting little stories about every Player of the Year for the Expos, starting with Staub in 1969 and ending with Brad Wilkerson in 2004. There are some great behind-the-scenes stories Mosher learned as a big fan of the team who became friendly with some of the players, coaches and managers, and was also a member of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America. The book is also full of wonderful Aislin Expos cartoons and some fantastic photos covering the club’s history.

Missed it in last month’s Hey Kids! Comics! account.

War and Peas creators Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz released Once Upon a Workday – Encouraging Tales of Resilience:

It’s about the exhausting, the hopeful, the struggle and the beautiful of everday life. It’s about work-life balance, creative blocks and the overwhelming feeling of having a restless heart.

Here’s a preview.

Dog Eat Doug went rerun three years ago but don’t think creator Brian Anderson has ignored the characters:

This year, Dog eat Doug will evolve from comic strips to full blown graphic novels! The adventures will be just as funny and heartwarming as the comic strips, but on a grand scale. I can’t wait to share Sophie and Doug’s new adventures.

Brian has two collections of original short stories coming this Fall. Check out a preview at Brian’s site.

Later this Fall is a book about New Yorker cartoonists – profiles and photographs.

At Wit’s End

Cartoonists of The New Yorker

Photgraphs by AlenMacWeeney

Words by Michael Maslin

An exclusive sneak peek inside the creative minds of more than 50 New Yorker cartoonists, celebrating legends and newcomers alike with stunning photography and engaging profiles.

Six years in the making!

More years in the making is the complete syndicated comic strips of Pogo by Walt Kelly.

I’m sure Churchy is just as mortified as the rest of us that Volume 9 A Distant Past Yet to Come (strips from 1965-1966) has been pushed back thirteen months on the publishing schedule from June 2024 to July 2025.