How David Fitzsimmons Draws (These Days)

David Fitzsimmons semi-retired at the start of 2023.

The joy of being retired is no longer having to rush to meet a deadline. I can draw for pleasure at a leisurely pace.

David has taken to writing his Substack columns:

… Now that I’m an old man I have never been happier as well. Done with the anxiety of public performing and deadlines.

I am so very grateful to have discovered writing late in my life, a different medium of expression that I find profoundly rewarding and joyful.

Today I rarely draw, only picking up the pen when I feel inspired.

David takes us through the unrushed steps of a recent cartoon.

In this instance I was still unhappy with the 327 concepts I came up with that afternoon so I did what every cartoonist does. I slept on it.

Read about David’s thought and drawing process (and his tools) from idea to completion.