Leo Michael Debuts as New Cartoonist

From Plastic News:

This week’s issue marks the first time since Plastics News was founded in 1989 without a Rich Williams cartoon on the editorial page.

So with this issue, we’re introducing readers to Leo Michael. He’s a native of Fairlawn, Ohio, who has been a freelance cartoonist since graduating from the University of Akron.

“Debut” is kind of an iffy term for Leo Michael. He is new to Crain’s Plastic News but…

He’s been contributing to Crain publications since 1995, starting with the launch of Waste News (later Waste & Recycling News). He currently draws cartoons for Automotive News, Rubber News, Tire Business and now Plastics News — all are Crain publications.

More background on Leo at the above link.

TDC covered Rich Williams retirement a couple weeks ago.