Wednesday Whatnots – Peripherals

Artvy is advertising its Milton Caniff inspired AI created illustration “art.”

Personally I’m not seeing much Caniff there. Mostly just generic retro magazine figures (without the hands).

Kevvo at AdExchanger riffs on the “digital advertising ecosystem.”

While we’re discussing stealing…

I don’t know why and neither do you, but those unlicensed Calvin and Hobbes “Calvin Peeing” stickers have been around for a long time. You know the ones. They’re illegal and traced from the comic strip without permission and, well, we have seen them for years. It all started in 1988. Scroll down to see where the image originally came from.

Mike Lynch looks into Where Did the “Calvin Peeing” Stickers Come From?

Alison Bechdel’s Dykes to Watch Out For is a nominee for a Webby in the Limited Series (Podcasts) category.

The Strange Case of Facebook Not Allowing Criticism of Facebook

Paul Berge looks into why The Kansas Reflector was temporarily banned by Facebook and one page still is.

Now, it is true that the Marion newspaper raid is an ongoing story; the Marion County Record filed a court case against the mayor, police chief, and sheriff just this week. But I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Facebook isn’t desperate to protect Sheriff Roscoe Coltrane and Boss Hogg. To my mind, there is no coincidence that the Dave Kendall article complaining about Facebook was published the very morning that the Zuckerverse came crashing down on the Reflector. 

Line WEBTOON is one of the world’s biggest and most popular platforms for vertical-scrolling comics (a.k.a. “webtoons”).

A post that appeared on a Webtoons sub-Reddit earlier this week criticizing WEBTOON’s contracts for comics creators in their Originals program has led to  a lot of heated online commentary about publishing contracts, artists’ rights and control of their intellectual property. The original post alleges that WEBTOON’s Originals contracts include terms and conditions that are far less favorable for creators than previous versions of these agreements, with the author of the subreddit post describing the contract as “unethical.”

The Comics Beat looks into the recent storm created by the claim that a Webtoon Original contract is predatory.

WEBTOON would automatically have the ability to buy 100% of the IP of an Originals submission…

WEBTOON would own the print publishing rights…

WEBTOON would own all the merchandising rights…

The Beat contacted Webtoons and they replied:

We’re aware of a post online that misrepresents our terms and how we work with creators. At WEBTOON, we’ve created multiple programs that allow creators to select the path to monetization that works best for them and their series...

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  1. Thanks for the link, DD.

    Now if I try to post on Facebook a link to your post linking to my post linking to the Kansas Reflector column they don’t want anybody to read, how many of us end up in Facebook jail?

  2. P.S.: Facebook reminded me today that Blogger had blocked one of my posts there a couple years ago for “violating community standards” because I had linked to a newspaper article that mentioned a porn site.

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