A Silver Anniversary for Grand Avenue

April 5, 1999 saw Grand Avenue by cartoonist Steve Breen appear in newspapers around the country.

Mike Thompson began helping on the strip in 2005 and began co-signing the comic strip on January 1, 2009.

In 2016 Mike Thompson took full control of Grand Avenue – April 4 for the dailies, May 1 on the Sundays.

The GoComics team interviewed Mike for a 25th anniversary article.

Congratulations to creator Mike Thompson on the 25th anniversary of “Grand Avenue“! Since its first appearance on April 5, 1999, readers have gotten to know Kate Macfarlane, spunky grandmother to ambitious bookworm Gabby and sensitive soul Michael.

Thompson took some time to participate in a Q&A—get to know him better in honor of the comic’s milestone anniversary!

above: the first Grand Avenue; below: a recent Grand Avenue

The entire 25 year archive can be read at GoComics.

One thought on “A Silver Anniversary for Grand Avenue

  1. For over a year since March 2023 the 2 major Chicago papers have been carrying Grand Avenue, The Chicago Tribune carries Grand Avenue daily and Sunday as a replacement for Dilbert, and the Chicago Sun-Times carries Grand Avenue Sundays only, but I wish the Sun-Times dropped Grand Avenue for good since the Chicago Tribune carries it 7 days a week and the Sun-Times hasn’t yet as of April 2024!

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