Baltimore Bridge Racist Cartoon Denounced

From Times Now Digtal via MSN:

New Delhi: A “racist” cartoon by a US-based webcomic over the Baltimore bridge collapse incident sparked outrage on social media.

The cartoon shows unkempt men dressed only in loincloths and preparing for the impending crash. Foxford Comics posted the cartoon on its X handle. The webcomic also played a graphic audio in the background of the cartoon. In the audio, people could be heard interacting with each other in English but having a strong Indian accent.

Foxford Comics shared the cartoon with the caption. “Last known recording from inside the Dali moments before impact.” Soon the post went viral. It garnered over four million views.

© Foxford Comics

Firstpost explains the “outrage over the racist cartoon mocking Indian crew of ship:”

An audio clip of people cursing at each other in English with a heavy Indian accent was also included in the cartoon.

The narrative has drawn criticism for both undermining the ship’s crew and for its racist portrayal of Indians.

Caution – link to vitriolic content: Foxford Comics X/Twitter account has the AI generated cartoon.

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