Scott Adams’ Reality

In a long X/Twitter post Dilbert Reborn cartoonist Scott Adams attacks the DEI strategy:

Allow me to put a stake through the heart of DEI for you. If DEI proponents wanted to achieve the kind of diversity that is good for every member of society, they would correct the Democrat/Republican imbalance in our most important companies. A lack of Republicans on staff caused Twitter, Facebook, and Google to censor free speech for years before getting caught. A lack of Republican voices in the corporate news business — excluding the FoxNews bubble — allowed over 20 major political hoaxes to flourish in the past 5-7 years. (The Right had a few too.) …

Among other things Scott gives advice to Black men and offers an opinion on liberal women:

Hey, Black American men, do you want to increase your odds of success? Just copy Republicans. They have developed a mindset and a set of traditions that have always worked, no matter who uses the methods…

But Black men, your DEI does not improve your access to the mentors and networking and winning mindset of Republicans. It does the opposite. Are you thinking of getting a face tattoo and dropping out of school? Talk to a Republican before you do that. Any Republican. Anywhere. Any time. They will stop what they are doing and give you honest and useful advice.

Now I will tell you, Black American men, something you would not be allowed to say in your bubble: The root cause of the DEI debacle is batshit crazy white women who don’t know how anything works outside the female experience. Check the stats. Republican women literally have a fraction of the mental health issues of liberal women. Now look at the saucer-eyed Democrats on MSNBC and tell me they don’t look mentally ill. You see it.

Read the full post and follow up responses to commenters here.

Including this post script:

Another example: The DEI industry canceled me. Did the newspapers carrying Dilbert gain by deleting one of their most popular comics? And did the larger world benefit by not hearing my views? (Yes, I’m on social media, but now so siloed I’m not reaching Democrats.)

Scott Adams content, including Dilbert Reborn and Robots Reading News, is available on locals.

On occasion Adams makes a Dilbert or Robots comic strip free and r/dilbert posts them on Reddit.

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18 thoughts on “Scott Adams’ Reality

  1. Jeez Louise, what broke inside that man’s brain? Was it a bad divorce? Did his mom not hug him enough as a child? I mean, I’ve hung out with plenty of conservatives but I never, in real life, come across one with a worldview that warped.

    And, no, I’m not going to click on anything linked to him.

    1. He was the smartest guy in a really dumb room, and he thought that made him the smartest guy in every room.

    2. Abby, as I understand it, you’re spot on about the bad divorce. If you go back through his blog (and I beg you, don’t), you can see his slide from bitter divorced guy to men’s rights guy to reactionary politics, ending where he is now, the sewer of white supremacist misogyny. It would be sad, really, but since he’s so high on his own supply, it’s merely disgusting.

  2. I can’t believe i ever used to like this strip

    Looking back, it was never all that good, even before Adams’ full-blown descent into MAGA territory

    1. In the 80s-90s, “Dilbert” was a spot-on satire of corporate shenanigans. I was pretty sure that someone in my company (perhaps multiple someones) must have been directly forwarding upper managements’ memoranda to Adams as grist for his strips, which were word-for-word accurate. His first few books were insightful, too. When he got let go from PacTel (iirc), I think he slowly lost his own observation point into corporate mediocrity; at the same time he was getting lots of positive publicity for his commentary and I think it all just kind of went to his head. He broadened his targets from just large corporate activity to wider political/social trends. I don’t know how he ended up in his particular ideological cul-de-sac because I lost interest in his output once he started down that road. But it was funny, accurate, and (like all good satire) punching up, not down or sideways, when he started.

      1. Yes, I agree with you. I liked Dilbert’s comics then too; it was applicable to any corporate environment. Sadly he’s lost in his private hell and he really should wake up before he’s all alone.

  3. A prime example on the accuracy of this truism coined by Franklin Leonard…

    “When you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression”.

  4. This is just typical Republic projection of the bad behavior they are most guilty of.

  5. Back when I was a software engineer manning a corporate cubicle, Dilbert was great. Then at some point (decades ago) someone gave me a copy of The Dilbert Future, and it was all going well until I got towards the end of the book, and realized this guy had some crazy, and not in a good way, ideas, and that was enough for me. I see he hasn’t changed much.

  6. I have no idea what happened to him, and am not interested in hearing any more of his ill conceived opinions that he claims are fact, but I can answer his question: The syndicate and its client newspapers replaced Dilbert with Crabgrass, which is doing very well.

  7. From my knowledge of Adams, it is incorrect to assume “something happened” to him. He’s been grounded like this all along. Readers have only become aware of his viewpoint now — first because political activism has forced much of their thinking into a “this side vs. that side” lens by which they view all, and second because this kind of thinking has demanded that Adams speak out. While he is correct in his identification of some of the problems facing the citizens of the US, unfortunately Republicans are only a temporary solution. No political party will ever save us from what ails us.

  8. Oooh! The big bad straight white republican wannabe man is going to school me in how to be a real man! And If I don’t listen, he’s not going to share the secret to his success as a mediocre man with me! Secret: It’s only available to mediocre white men like him. Nobody who matters misses Dilbert. Newspaper editors were pleasantly surprised at the dearth of calls protesting the change when they dropped Dilbert. Many even reported that positive responses far outpaced any complaints. So there! Here’s a word Mr. Adams can go lookup “comeuppance”. I’ll use it in a sentence so he understands. “Mr. Adams is getting the comeuppance he so richly deserves”. In the immortal words of Ariana Grande, “Next!”

    1. I’m confused when he suggests virtually all Republican men are successful and in a position to hand out advice. Isn’t MAGA a bunch of angry people who are bitter at the way the world, and their lives, are going? Otherwise, what are they all so angry about?

  9. Honestly, what I don’t get is how he was able to make one of the funniest and, I dare say, insightful comics in many years. Luckily, I’m able, somehow, to compartmentalize or sideline Scott Adams from the Dilbert comics which I still find very entertaining.
    I wish I understood how a whack job like him could produce really funny satire.

    1. I feel the same way about Bill Cosby. That a***ole left a hole in my soul. I catch myself quoting one of his routines, and it just sucks all the joy out of my day.

  10. In all these years, I never realized that they pointy-haired boss was supposed to be the hero.

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