The Death of Daddy Warbucks (A Flashback)

Mike Curtis used this holiday weekend to tell of the resurrection of Daddy Warbucks in Dick Tracy.

The original Little Orphan Annie comic strip took four days, one of which was a Sunday, to tell the story between panels two and three above. Here, from May 15 to May 18, 1937 is The Death of Daddy Warbucks.

The entire Boris Sirob story can be read in Harold Gray’s Little Orphan Annie Volume 7.

Little Orphan Annie is © Chicago Tribune N. Y. News Syndicate/Tribune Content Agency

3 thoughts on “The Death of Daddy Warbucks (A Flashback)

  1. I haven’t read enough old classic LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE to know if the Gray Daddy Warbucks would have ever spoken the ungrammatical line “…and revived the Asp and I…” in the original texts?

    In any case, I do appreciate the fact that Mike Curtis is keeping other Trib heroes alive in TRACY. I just wonder how big a portion of today’s audience has even heard of Little Orphan Annie?

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