The Middle Age by Steve Conley #300

Speaking of adventure comic strips with humor…

Steve Conley has issued episode 300 of his The Middle Age webcomic.

I think my preferred solution for writer’s block is to switch gears and work on something else. It clears my head, keeps me working, lets the main story percolate, and allows me to return to the primary task with fresh eyes. The problem in this case with my work on The Middle Age was that the gear I switched to – crafting roleplaying game products – was so much more “successful” than my comics, that it was hard to not put the RPG work on the front burner.

Above: Episodes 1 and 300 of The Middle Age by Steve Conley.

I’m happy to say that the RPG work has given me the chance to flesh out the world of The Middle Age in a way that the story of Sir Quimp just doesn’t allow – and all of the RPG work is oddly “cannon”.

One prediction I’m happy to make: The next 300 episodes won’t take as long to create as the first 300.

The entire The Middle Age fantasy series can be read here.

2 thoughts on “The Middle Age by Steve Conley #300

  1. If you’re reviewed adventure webcomics, my Silver Age Comics site is approaching 400 pages. It uses all the forgotten Silver Age heroes for an epic story, “The Justice League of Kandor”. Gorillas, aliens, superheroes, and Wendy the Teenage Witch! Search for silveragecomics dot thecomicseries dot com if you care to see it. Thanks, Clay Emery

  2. I’m glad that Steve has been doing well and actually making money with something related to the comic. It is so well drawn and written – consistently funny, even when you just dip in and out as I do. Fantastic work.

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