Destruction of the Library at Alexandria Was a Good Start for These Extremists

“After opening in prayer at a church about 15 miles northwest of the state capital, panelists spoke of pornography in libraries, calling library board members cowards for not doing their jobs.

“Then the leader of a political website remarked about book challenges in Alabama’s public libraries.

“Burn the freaking books.”

Little saddens me more than hearing of people so extreme as to burn books.

Sadder still is that people who advocate such an abomination live in America.

JD Crowe at Alabama Media Group provides a glimpse, with the help of Williesha Morris, about what right wing fanatics and extremists are trying to accomplish in The United States of America.

Alabama libraries are under fire by a bunch of rabid right-wing modern day witch burners. No surprise. It’s another example of Alabama politics at its worst. Political fear mongering, paranoia and ignorance fuels this firestorm.

JD Crowe’s cartoon is appropriately fitted with a black mourning band

3 thoughts on “Destruction of the Library at Alexandria Was a Good Start for These Extremists

  1. Thanks for keeping people aware that this is still a growing threat. You are so right, it is an abomination. I perceive that there are too many ignorant, hateful people who are currently working to push is back into the dark ages. I’d be willing to bet that these same miscreants would want to take a sledge hammer to Michelangelo’s statue of David.

  2. It is one step from burning books to burning people. It’s happened before. Oh well, as St. Lawrence said, “Flip me over, I’m done on this side.”

  3. You’re right. It’s horrific that it’s happening in America 2024! Worse still is that law and order can’t or won’t stop this. We need the heroes to stand up and say: No! No more!!

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