Cartoonist Steve Benson Hospitalized

Editorial cartoonist Steve Benson is under medical care after suffering a stroke last month.

The Pulitzer Prize winner, who retired late last year after 44 years, was admitted to a hospital in Arizona.

Steve’s wife Claire noted on Facebook:

I thought you’d like to know Steve had a stroke on 21 February and is now recovering in a wonderful rehabilitation hospital.

Fortunately he was given a medication in time, which greatly increases the potential of a full, or near to full, recovery.

Friend and fellow cartoonist David Fitzsimmons informs us:

Last week his lovely wife Claire texted to tell us on Tuesday, February 20th, my ink-stained pal, Steve Benson, suffered a stroke and was in the hospital in Mesa.

Fitz continues:

For the next couple of weeks Steve will be getting around the clock care. And he’ll be getting physical, occupational, speech and psychological therapy, according to his wonderful, good-humored, patient, and forgiving wife, Claire.

I hear your chances for a full recovery are good. That’s good to know.

Fitzsimmons followed up with a note about sending encouragement and good thoughts:

I just got recieved a note from Steve’s wife, Claire, asking me to rescind the hospital address for sending good wishes sentiments to Steve, since such addresses are often subject to change. She graciously added, “If people want to send anything they are welcome to email me and I’ll give them the address – .”

Same day update: The Arizona Mirror reports on Steve’s recovery.

One thought on “Cartoonist Steve Benson Hospitalized

  1. Best wishes to Steve.
    Recovery from a stroke can be a long process that requires lots of patience and support from those around you. I should know.
    Steve, if you need anything or someone to talk to, I’m here.

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