Donna Lewis – Reply All to Counterpoint, Reply All Lite Lost? – finding Lite update

The Reply All comic strip by Donna A. Lewis has switched syndicates this past week.

above: Reply All for February 29, 2024; below: Reply All for March 1, 2024

On March 1, 2024 Reply All began carrying a Counterpoint Media notice replacing the WPWG notice.

And with the new syndicate Reply All dailies return to new content, at least the copyright notice indicates such.

The daily strip began rerunning older strips during the first week of 2024 (January 3 was new; January 6 was rerun). The Sundays have carried the current copyright date all this time.

And Donna’s Reply All Lite panel seems to have ended with the February 29, 2024 issue. At least that is the last date carried by The Washington Post comics page and nothing past that has been shown on Donna’s Facebook.

Same morning update:

Mike Rhode has sent a photo of Reply All Lite appearing in the March 2, 2024 edition of The Washington Post.

As seen above Reply All Lite has also switched to Counterpoint Media as a distributor (as of March 1?).

digression: That leaves Fort Knox as the last comic standing at Washington Post Writers Group.

5 thoughts on “Donna Lewis – Reply All to Counterpoint, Reply All Lite Lost? – finding Lite update

  1. I guess Donna’s Reply All Lite version is the first newspaper comic strip to end in 2024.

    What are the odds with the current Gasoline Alley story arc this could be the last one ever for the Gasoline Alley comic strip before the strip goes to pasture? It depends on Jim S.’s factor if this could end in 2024.

  2. Leaving a syndicate after 13 years isn’t an easy decision. Well, not for me, But I have a difficult brain.

    Reply All had two choices, basically. Go where Amy Lago is or stop the strip.

    But it’s hard to stop doing something you love and something other people tell you they love, even if you are having a lot of trouble doing it. Basically, I forgot how to draw. It’s a brain glitch I have. And Amy understands the Reply All drawing style and aesthetic the best. She can help me relearn Photoshop the fastest because she knows everything I knew.

    It’s hard to leave a syndicate. That means leaving people. People who more often than not make your day. ???

  3. I didn’t mean to add question marks. I’m not that belligerent. Just slightly less. Ha ha ha.

    I can’t edit it. If I can, I can’t figure out how. : )

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