Rosebuds by Supr Dee Goes King Features

New features are popping at King Features Syndicate and Comics Kingdom.

This week saw The Saga of Brann Bjornson and Suburban Fairy Tales debut at Comics Kingdom, now comes news from the cartoonist that Rosebuds by Supr Dee (Deon Parson) has signed with King Features Syndicate (KFS).

The Rosebuds comic strip first showed up on Dee’s Twitter feed (I think) in 2020 and before that year was up it was on GoComics, where it has been dormant for the past year. Now we know why – preparation.

But more than just switching to Comics Kingdom it will be available as a KFS newspaper syndicated comic.

Dee, in a note to fans at GoComics in the comments section, says:

A lot has happened since the last strip and I haven’t been able to talk much about anything, but for now as a GoComics first exclusive breaking news, I get to share: King Features Syndicate is picking up Rosebuds for digital/print syndication! The entire time there’s been no Rosebuds comics has been because of working on this new major step for our lovely Gonzalez sisters! And the art’s gotten bit of a glow up, too!

For “digital/print syndication!” Our emphasis on print.

The “New Comics April 14” notice may indicate that that Sunday will be the start of print syndication.

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  1. I first known about Supa Dee’s “Rosebuds” last year in 2023 during the Guest Jumbler Week in the Jumble daily puzzle.

    Wonder what newspapers will sign for the Supa Dee “Rosebuds” print comic strip.

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