Macanudo Cartoonist Liniers Interview

The South bookstore is full of people. Almost all of them are there for the same reason: to get a dedication from the famous cartoonist Ricardo Liniers. Various books are seen on the tables and some even wear t-shirts with the Argentine illustrator’s characters.

I ask him more about the illustration part, I tell him: “How does one become a cartoonist?”

I became a cartoonist because my old man made a mistake… That was… My old man is a lawyer and he wanted me to be a lawyer. He had that fantasy, I guess, when I was little. But he also thought it was important that I learn English. So, he said, in a moment, I’m going to buy books and magazines in English so this boy can learn a little. And they bought me Mad magazine and the Calvin and Hobbes comic in English. Instead of learning English, I learned to be a cartoonist.

Macanudo cartoonist Liniers sits down for an interview with Kevin Johansen for Reutir.

The interview does get into some Argentinian politics.

Milei is an expression of Argentine boredom, of fatigue. But I already experienced it in the United States with Donald Trump. The Americans also had an irrational attack of wanting to kick the board and put these characters in power. Just like Trump, Bolsonaro, Boris Johnson, all these clownish guys, they generally only last one ride on the merry-go-round, because people say: “No, this was something.” And I imagine that something similar is going to happen with Milei.

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