The Wonder of Weekend Whatnots

Featuring Lalo Alcaraz, Julia Wertz, Flash Gordon, Herblock

What makes more noise than the hundreds of thousands of vehicles barreling down the intersection of the 60 and 605 freeways? Ask Lalo Alcaraz.

“Can someone turn down the freeway?” the two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist asked at the unveiling of a new 80-foot-long mural he drew with artist Levi Ponce on the side of the El Monte Union Bus Depot in South El Monte.

The artwork, proclaiming “The Future Is Emission Free!”, features characters Alcaraz drew for two animated shorts he produced for El Monte Union High School District’s Clean Mobility in Schools pilot project.

Anissa Rivera for The San Gabriel Valley Tribune reports on Lalo Alcaraz’s three month project.


Cheryl has a cartoonist daughter of considerable renown. Publishers pay to print her books. Several have been translated into French. She appears regularly in The New Yorker.

Julia Wertz is probably the most famous person I know, but here’s the thing: I’ve hardly given her artistic achievements the time of day.

While proud of her success, I ignored her early “Fart Party” books, I only flipped through a 2010 autobiographical work, “Drinking at the Movies,” I paid scant attention to “Tenements, Towers & Trash,” her tribute to New York City.

Julia never made a big deal of her stepfather’s aloofness — boomers weren’t necessarily her target audience. But she did notice.

A step-father finally gets around to reading his step-daughters graphic novel about beating addiction and the relationship grows closer. Kevin Courtney tells a family story for The Napa Valley Register.


“Flash Gordon is a multigenerational character that means something different for every fan. Some got into the character through the serials and comics, while others have fond memories of TV shows and movies,” said Mad Cave Studios Senior Editor, Chas! Pangburn. “Thankfully, our partnership with King Features allows us to deliver exciting tales for fans new and old. Be it classic/retro-inspired stories, expanding the world of existing Flash tales (film, comics, TV), and even wholly unique takes on the character, we’re strongly leaning into finding a Flash for everyone.”

Keith Davidsen and Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool reveal the Flash Gordon comic books for 2024.

I’m not too sure about the umteenth collection of Alex Raymond’s Flash Gordon.


(Tentative title) Essential reading for Flash Gordon enthusiasts. A gorgeous archival 200-page hardcover series of Alex Raymond’s Flash Gordon newspaper strips comprise legendary strips from the 1930s and throughout the decades. Solicitation begins July 2024.



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