Here Come de Judge Again

They should change the name of this KFS Vintage feature to “Judge Crater.” Here are the missing episodes, plus a few bonus items.

5 thoughts on “Here Come de Judge Again

  1. I can see why King Features wouldn’t want to distribute that “dumb blonde” sequence. BTW, when I saw the notice, it triggered “Here come de judge” in my brain, also. Not many of us left who get that reference.

  2. (Sigh)…King Features and Comics Kingdom need to figure this out. Jeez. Just curious, Mike, what newspapers are you pulling these from? I.e.: Who has the best proofs at The ones you have been posting are pretty good, not sure if you are cleaning them up a bit.

    1. I do a search for the title and date and then look for a good copy. But then I crop it, use CTRL-L to make the whites white and the blacks black. Sometimes I sharpen it, I always resize it. To do a two-week spread like this took me maybe half an hour.

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