Fourth Walls and Reflections

Some notes taken while reading this week’s comics.

J. C. Duffy started the week with one of his Fusco Brothers possibly commenting on the comics page consolidation going on among newspaper companies.

The next day Harry Bliss used his Bliss panel to make an observation about artists in general.

Then Gary Hallgren(?) with Hagar the Horrible and Mike Osbun with Animal Crackers chime in with the lack of support for The Arts.

Osbun, as is his wont, exceeds the bounds of the strip’s borders.

Keith Knight also exceeds the panel’s bounds as he comments on one of “Life’s Little Victories” for cartoonists in The K Chronicles.

Reminder: Support Your Favorite Cartoonists.

As Jeff Stahler notes cartoonists could use some help, they are occasionally Moderately Confused:

Though some, like Paul Trap with his day after Thatababy, seem somewhat prescient.

Awareness comes to RJ and Verne this week when M. Fry and T. Lewis acknowledge the circumstances of the pair’s Over the Hedge existence.

Moving on…

It was at that point I knew who Dan Collins’ Looks Good on Paper was referring to.

Layout Synchronicity.

Mark Tatulli with Tuesday’s Lio and Russell Myers‘ with Wednesday’s Broom-Hilda.

feature image via Vintage Krazy Kat