The Other Sunday Funnies

Got a bit of a whiplash reading the Sunday Funnies today what with cartoonists using their Sunday comics to switch between Super Bowl topics and Valentine’s Day themes. And then Dick Tracy abruptly breaks off its this year’s unfinished plot line to go to two weeks ( February 11 – 25, 2024) of a Minit Mysteries by backup scripter Eric O. Costello and new-to-Dick Tracy artist Dee Fish.

Will Fata and Rikki and Baxter and Bosco all return next month or will we have to wait until after the Little Orphan Annie Centennial celebration this Summer to get closure?

Elsewhere – is that Calvin making a cameo appearance in Hi and Lois?

I’m pretty sure that’s Bill Mauldin’s Willie showing up in Wide Open Friday.

Yeah, that Mutts title panel has got to be a tribute to the 1906 Little Sammy Sneeze book by Winsor McCay.

Speaking of Mutts – Patrick McDonnell informs that the current reruns will be interrupted at some point.

Finally for super cameo and tribute Sunday we have Working Daze.

Don’t over look Roberts’ signature.

How to draw a frog? Bob Weber, Jr. shows us Friday in Slylock Fox.

But he had shown us how a time or two before.

It doesn’t involve a plague of frogs, but it’s the end of the world as Lum and Abner know it.

feature image from today’s Barney Google and Snuffy Smith

3 thoughts on “The Other Sunday Funnies

  1. The beak-nose and the specific setting of Sicily, 1943 (where Mauldin’s 45th Infantry Division was fighting, and where he did a number of memorable cartoons for its unit newspaper) make your identification very highly probable.

  2. Thank you for including “Lum and Abner” among this stellar group! I am honored. We’re having fun with the current mystery! Our audio adaptation this week is designed to sound like a vintage radio news broadcast and is voiced by a veteran radio announcer, Dr. Joe Oliver.

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