Catching Up on the Comics Pages

It’s been a while since I shared some current comic strips, so let’s do some catching up.

I’m a sucker for cartoonists playing with the format.

Breaking the panel borders is nothing new, but Tatulli playing havoc with the copyright notice hooked me.

And the five panel staging struck me as odd for the strip, but a couple days later was another five panel Lío.

Sticking with Lío for the moment he is part of a synchronicitous three days of battle.

A Sunday Lío (28th), a Monday Wallace the Brave (29th), and a Tuesday (30th) Hägar the Horrible all featuring armed conflict. Of course Hägar in a medieval skirmish is about as rare as the same in Prince Valiant (Jan. 28th).

Groundhog Day occurred last week and naturally there was plenty of comics about that, but what struck me was the synchronicity of Free Range and In the Bleachers on February 2nd.

Back where we started…

This week begins with Luann telling of the beginning of a lifelong friendship. This week follows last week’s foreshadowing of Luann and Bernice’s first encounter. This is prehistoric as Bernice and Luann were friends in the first daily of the comic strip.

I’m curious if Greg Evans misses the younger Luann and family dynamic as two months ago there was a couple weeks with just the nuclear family. Maybe Karen Evans wants a shot at what the strip was before she joined.

On Facebook Greg explains yesterday’s month late Luann Sunday strip:

This strip was originally set to run on Jan. 7. When it was re-scheduled to Feb. 4, not one of the 8,295 employees at Worldwide Luann Inc. thought to replace “Happy New Year” with “Hello.”

Somewhere along the line the files got jumbled?

That page, by the way, is a great condensation of where the strip is these days.

Does that ranger in today’s The Grizzwells remind you of an animated cartoon character?

Is that the Silver Surfer in Vintage Brick Bradford 14 years before appearing in the Fantastic Four comic book?

Oh, Yosemite Sam was who I thought of when reading The Grizzwells.

The Pearls Before Swine Sunday leads us to this New York Times article of a insane battle taking place.

As America’s libraries have become noisy and sometimes dangerous new battlegrounds in the nation’s culture wars, librarians like Ms. Neujahr and their allies have moved from the stacks to the front lines. People who normally preside over hushed sanctuaries are now battling groups that demand the mass removal of books and seek to control library governance. Last year, more than 150 bills in 35 states aimed to restrict access to library materials, and to punish library workers who do not comply.

hat tip to George McManus and Zeke Zekley for the Vintage Bringing Up Father wall pictures used as spacers.

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  1. Re: Brick Bradford: Looks like a ski jumper to me, not the Silver Surfer. I can see where you thought that, though.

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