“This is Just Not a Good Cartoon”

This is just not a good cartoon. It’s one of my earliest attempts at gag cartooning.

That is cartoonist Kyle Bravo talking about one of his early efforts.

One notable thing with this cartoon, I was trying out a different pen tip. I drew it on my iPad like usual, but instead of the smoother “syrup“ pen I usually use, I tried out one that kind of resembled a really rough pencil or charcoal. It’s not terrible. It was a bit more work though because the lines were so intermittent and rough that I had to actually go back over them a few times…

Kyle gives one of his cartoons a shellacking in Cartoon Autopsy: Shelljacking.

I have a thorough spreadsheet where I keep track of where I’ve submitted cartoons. I submitted this one to a few places and it was rejected, but I actually just didn’t even submit it to most places because I just knew, no one wants this cartoon.

Cartooning inside information from Kyle:

I still have a space open for potentially submitting it to Funny Times or the Weekly Humorist, which are basically the last options on my submissions list because they pay the least of anyone. I actually really like both the Funny Times and the Weekly Humorist. I think they both do great work, but I guess there’s not a lot of money in the Silly Jokes Industry, so they can’t afford to pay much. It’s around $20 I think.

I guess those two magazines have replaced the gag cartoon digests of the 1950s and 1960s.

hat tip to My Comics Shop for the digest covers