CSotD: Judge Parker goes missing again

Things are getting pretty noir. If you’ve never followed Vintage Judge Parker (KFS), this is an excellent time to jump in.

5 thoughts on “CSotD: Judge Parker goes missing again

  1. Once again, thank you for posting these. It’s frustrating to have the strip dropping out just when a the story is coming to a climax. I wonder if some algorithm at King Features is flagging stories about drugs and drinking before noon. 🙂

  2. I have noted this before. When King started running the Vintage Judge Parker strips, I think they started around October of 1968 (first one was published on CK.com on April 16, 2012). At the time I remember King noting that the “archives were not complete after 10 years.” With all the skips the last few years, the strip is now in 1981.

    I kind of thought they would start repeating the strip? But, they continue to forge on with evidently incomplete archives. They could buy a subscription to newspapers.com and try and get some of the missing strips, but the quality might be as good.

    1. I get the missing strips from newspapers.com and you do have to look around to find good, crisp reproductions, because some papers did better than others at preserving their archives. Still, putting together this selection — 14 strips copied, cropped and Ctrl-L cleaned up — took all of about half an hour.

  3. Thanks, Mike
    I love your dedication to editorial and comic strip artists. My uncle was a comic book artist in the golden age

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