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Out and about with Posy Simmonds, Bill Griffith, Gilbert Shelton, Walt Handelsman, Willard Mullin, Sarah Anderson, Alex Segura, Michael Moreci, Jim Keefe, and Greg Cravens.

Posy Simmonds wins the Grand Prix

British cartoonist Posy Simmonds has won Angouleme’s Grand Prix, considered one of the highest honors in comics worldwide. 

… she is the seventh non-French cartoonist to win in the last 15 years, after almost entirely French cartoonists winning for decades.

Heidi MacDonald at Comics Beat has the story of Posy joins such famed cartoonists as Art Spiegelman, Boll Watterson, Julie Doucet, Chris Ware, and others as a Grand Prix winner. More at The Guardian.


Zippy Cartoonist, East Haddam Resident, Bill Griffith Turns 80

Cartoonist Bill Griffith has been a part of the comic counterculture since his childhood, growing up in Brooklyn and Levittown, Long Island in the 1950s. Now a resident of East Haddam and creator of the comic strip Zippy the Pinhead, he celebrates his 80th birthday this January.

At 80, Griffith still works full-time. He draws a daily Zippy the Pinhead strip for national syndication, works on graphic novel projects like his latest, Three Rocks: The Story of Ernie Bushmiller, The Man Who Created Nancy, and teaches at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

CT Examiner interviews local cartoonist Bill Griffith.

It takes me between 2-4 days to do the 7 strips a week.

Doing a daily strip, you have a license to not be great every day. And I get much more response to my daily strip now than I ever did, because so much of the readership is online now. Newspapers are dying. I hope that I die before the last newspaper dies, but it seems to be happening in slow motion.


Gilbert Shelton, “Grandpa of the Underground”: an exhibition and a book

A double event took place last night in Paris: an exhibition-sale of originals and a signing session by Gilbert Shelton, one of the two founding figures of Underground Comix with Robert Crumb, jointly with the launch of the publication of a monograph on this artist under the alliterative title “Freaks, Free Press and Phacochères” (Dir: Jean-Paul Gabilliet, Pierre Ponant and Camille de Singly) at the Presses universitaire de Bordeaux. [by way of Google translate]

Actua BD attends and reports on the soirée with Gibert Shelton.


Walt Handelsman’s first Cartoon Caption Contest of 2024 with over 975 punchlines sent in

Sweet! We received 982 entries in this week’s Cartoon Caption Contest. These were clever, funny, and off-the-wall. Our winner looked at the little guy and saw a survivor. Dive into these finalists and check out all the creative takes we got this week. Great stuff!!

The is happy about cartoonist Walt Handelsman drawing in readers.


Warren Bernard’s Willard Mullin collection

Warren Bernard spent years collecting sports cartoonist Willard Mullin artwork and ephemera. Before he donated it to Columbia University this month, he had a showing of material at his house. With his permission, here are photos of the material that went to NYC (with a few ringers that stayed home with him).  

Comics DC showcases a wonderful collection of Willard Mullin ephemera.


Sarah’s Scribbles author is getting existential

Sarah’s Scribbles is a disarmingly funny webcomic series that works because its author, Sarah Andersen, is just as much a comedian as she is an artist – and she’s not afraid to let one get in the way of another. The strip, which is one of the most popular comics shared on social media, has been collected in four print editions to date, but now we have news of a fifth.

And it’s a callback to the original volume which made this all possible.

Anderson is currently working on a fifth volume of Sarah’s Scribbles, tentatively titled Adulthood is a Gift…

The Popverse interviews cartoonist Sarah Anderson.

Andersen is anticipating that Sarah’s Scribbles: Adulthood is a Gift to come out in November 2024 from Andrews McMeel Publishing – one year after the last volume, Oddball.


Alex Segura and Michael Moreci Celebrate Dick Tracy’s Return

In 1931, Chester Gould introduced comic strip readers to a trench coat-clad, fedora-wearing, intrepid police detective named Dick Tracy … The character continues to be a presence in comic strips, but his last major appearance in other media was the 1990 Dick Tracy feature film directed by and starring Warren Beatty.

This year Alex Segura, Michael Moreci, and Chantelle Aimée Osman, the holders of the Dick Tracy comic book rights, are looking to change all that with the launch of an all-new, ongoing Dick Tracy series from Mad Cave Studios. The book, written by Segura and Moreci and featuring art by Geraldo Borges, launches in April and will be a noir-tinged “Year One” approach to the character.

Dave Richards for CBR interviews Alex Segura and Michael Moreci about the coming Dick Tracy comic book.

We’re very specific in the time we’re setting this — our story takes place in 1947, so it’s just after World War II. Again, there’s a definite, clear reason for that, rooted in Tracy’s character and the mood we’re trying to set.


Words, Images, & Worlds with …

Jason DeHart recently interviewed cartoonists Jim Keefe and Greg Cravens.

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