Sage Stossel – On The Loose

Sage Stossel is an award winning editorial cartoonist for The Boston Globe and other publications

and is an award worthy children’s book author with her On The Loose series.

Most recent in the series is On the Loose in New Orleans and interviewed Sage about the book:

Where in New Orleans do you take us, and what animals do you use?

There’s elephants eating all the beignets. I did one scene that was in the bayou just to have a different landscape, even though it’s not right in the city. And then Jackson Square. I did it in the Presbytere where they have exhibits of the Mardi Gras outfits upstairs. And of course Bourbon Street. Sometimes I hide people that I know. I put my stepmom in there, and the ghost of my dad is hiding, looking out a window. I did Louis Armstrong Park since it’s the birthplace of jazz.