Comic Strips and Comic Strip Trivia

The week started, more or less since Monday was a holiday, with a Tuesday adjacent comics synchronicity.

Pearls Before Swine and Perry Bible Fellowship follow one after the other on my GoComics feed

and Tuesday they both featured what birthdays represent.

Thoughts while you’re blowing out those candles.

Let’s lighten the mood with a really easy comic strip quiz from MeTV.

Too easy. But did you catch the error they made?

More trivia: Those Fusstones look familiar in Tuesday’s Lug Nuts.

… not every comic-strip couple is like Blondie and Dagwood. Here are six absolutely miserable funny-papers marriages, ranging from the slightly snarky to what is probably the most abusive couple that was ever played for laughs.

Cracked presents The Six Most Miserable Marriages in Comic-Strip History.

Was surprised that who I thought would be #1 came in #2, and Maggie and Jiggs didn’t make the list.

“You remind me of a man.”

My first thoughts were Ben or Earl, but then the brilliant mind of Edison Lee also guessed wrong.

So what else is reaching, even surpassing, pre-pandemic levels? Attendance at the Charles Schulz Museum.

Dan Taylor at The Santa Rosa Press Democrat reports.

In December, the Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center in Santa Rosa, recorded its highest attendance in 21 years.

Since July, we have seen a 22% increase over our pre-COVID 2019 attendance,” said Gina Huntsinger, director of the museum

“Last month, we broke the record for the most visitors ever in one month,” she added. “The Museum welcomed just shy of 11,000 people from December 1-31.”

Just a quick note that GoComics hasn’t updated Real Life Adventures this year and that Andrews McMeel Syndication recently dropped the title from their list of syndicated comics. The creators retired last year.

I was, of course, fully aware of the Tom the Dancing Bug book collections.

What I just learned is that Tom the Dancing Bug collections are available as pdf ebooks.

Now available for your reading pleasure: The 2023 Tom the Dancing Bug Annual!

This pdf contains every Tom the Dancing Bug comic of 2023, plus exclusive commentary, all digitized for your reading pleasure.

Ending with an appreciation of Broom-Hilda backgrounds.

2 thoughts on “Comic Strips and Comic Strip Trivia

  1. It wasn’t a spelling error (adding a non-existent “e” toi Gil’s last name), and I’ve forgotten whether it was a Decades or a ME-TV (same owners) multiple-choice quiz from about five years back which matched Dell Comics panels with the ’50s-’60s network Western cowboys they featured. All was well and good until they included a panel in which they claimed that the two characters were Tom Brewster (SUGARFOOT) and Vint Bonner of THE RESTLESS GUN. I’m not sure how it happened (Nat Edson drew both comics), but the Tom in the panel was simply a random character in a RESTLESS GUN issue; SUGARFOOT being a Warner Bros. property and RESTLESS GUN belonging to Universal, never the twain would ever meet in a licensed comic, much less on TV, inasmuch as John Payne never participated in any of those Western-reunion TV specials of the late ’70s/early ’80s.

  2. Even if “Secret Agent X-9” ran for 62 years, it was cancelled 28 years ago, making its claim to be among “some of the longest-running comic strips in newspaper history” a little bit questionable at this point. I had never heard of it before reading that poll (and the other 11 multiple choice questions were all far too easy).

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