Courtroom Sketch a Hit With Anti-Trumpers

Recent sketches by courtroom artist Christine Cornell showing the latest Donald Trump appearance in the New York fraud case against him have found fans among those who enjoy mocking Trump and his attorney Alina Habba.

From Newsweek:

Court sketches from Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial have sparked ridicule and mockery online at the way he and his attorney, Alina Habba, were depicted.

Habba was shown with puffed up features showing overgrown lips, a bulging chin and with a sinking indent in her cheek. The drawings appeared to amuse a number of anti-Trump social media users.

The somewhat at-odds version of Habba also appeared to feature what one user compared to eagle-like talons, the result of a black mark trailing off the edge of her fingers.

Trump was pictured with exaggerated features including hawkish eyes and looking ahead with a toothless gape.

Established courtroom artist Christine Cornell drew the sketches that were redistributed on a number of major news networks and seen on social media.

MSNBC’s posting of the drawings on X/Twitter drew some amusement but much more disgust from the MAGAists:

Wow Habba really does look like a character from Looney tunes

Is the Artist a Diversity Hire or just demonic?

The artist’s TDS is showing.

Lololol Alina Habba

Elsewhere (Washington, D.C.) and earlier (by a day or two) courtroom artist Bill Hennessy, who had come into some criticism last year, seems to have avoided that earlier quibbling by depicting Trump as not so youthful and trim.

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