Comic Strip Bric-a-Brac

Public domain Mickey (aka Steamboat Willie) continues to appear in comic strips.

Ruben Bolling‘s newest Tom the Dancing Bug character reappears today after being introduced last week.

Tuesday saw GoComics hit the P.D.Mickey trifecta.

Rabbits Against Magic and Looks Good on Paper saw Mickey in a couple one-shots. Rabbits more a cameo.

Lalo Alcaraz however has Mickey in a week-long (at least) starring role in La Cucaracha starting here.

As has been warned public domain has not stopped Disney from rattling their lawyers at some.

Before moving on let’s recommend Mousetrapped. The Randy Milholland daily comic strip is telling of Mickey’s life after being kicked off the steamboat. Added bonus is Randy incorporating other early public domain animated characters into the storyline – like Pete the Pup (Walter Lantz), Julius Cat (Walt Disney), and more to come I’m sure.

If you enjoy Randy delving into the history of Popeye every Sunday and Thursday you’ll want to bookmark Mousetrapped and move it to a position next to other frequently clicked on links.

I don’t know if Henry Barajasthree day diversion to a bowling alley in Gil Thorp was used as an excuse to pay tribute to a favorite movie or to offer Rod Whigham to show off his sequential drawing ability, but I liked yesterday’s strip. (Has bowling been featured in Gil Thorp before this?)

We mentioned the new-to-us Beetle Moses comic strip here the other day and then Andy Garcia for the Comics Kingdom blog officially welcomed the comic strip to their site.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce an exciting new addition to our family of extraordinary comics – Beetle Moses by the incredibly talented Harris Fishman. As a Comics Kingdom editor, I’ve witnessed many unique talents, but Harris brings something special to our platform.

We officially welcomed Beetle Moses to our Comics Kingdom universe on January 7, 2024. In a treat to our readers, new strips will be available four times a week, ensuring a regular dose of Harris’s unique brand of humor and artistry.

Finally we learn the best we can expect from Stephan Pastis

and what it’s all about from Jonathan Lemon.

After all the world is just a stage and we, we are not even actors:

Over the Hedge by M. Fry and T. Lewis.

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