Jim Keefe Gets Added to Our Patreon List. You There?

Support Your Local (or Distant) Cartoonist

Mike set it up last year and we occasionally add to it and post it here for fans to support their favorite cartoonists.

Recently Jim Keefe opened a Patreon account:

My Patreon is a catch basin for all the things that I’ve learned in a career spanning some 30+ years. From working on Flash Gordon & Sally Forth to lettering Manga & coloring comic strips. It will include art from the vault along with previews of new projects I’m working on. The Patreons I subscribe to are ones from Cartoonists working in the trenches who give real world advice on how to survive in this industry. It’s the model I’ll be following as well.

We caught it and added the link to our Support Your Local (or Distant) Cartoonist post that lists Patreons and Substacks by cartoonists (alphabetically by first name) so fans can enjoy extras by their favorite comic creators.

If you aren’t listed, or if your favorite cartoonist isn’t on the roster, let us know. We’ll update.