Tribune Content Freeze at GoComics

The New Year brought in a lack of updating of many Tribune Content Agency (TCA) strips at GoComics.

Animal Crackers, Bound & Gagged, The Middletons, plus the Annie reruns remain daily views at GoComics ; but Bliss, Bottom Liners, Brewster Rockit, Broom-Hilda, Dick Tracy Gasoline Alley, Gil Thorp, Pluggers, and 9 to 5 haven’t yet shown up at GoComics for the 2024 year.

My first thought on not getting the daily dose of Tribune strips (they don’t show up on the “My Comics Page” email either) was that maybe Andrews McMeel lost the contract with them, but then there are the few that do show up. And TCA creators haven’t been informed of a loss of GoComics viewers – from Gil Thorp writer Henry Barajas at X/Twitter:

Happy New Year! @gocomics didn’t upload the new Gil Thorp strip, so here it is!

So there must be a glitch in the system somewhere. Why a few get through and not the others? I don’t know.

But the strips are available on that Tribune link above.

If the problem continues into the weekend you will want to go to a newspaper site that carries the Comics Kingdom digital pages since the TCA homepage doesn’t post their Sunday strips for some reason also unknown to me.

One of my bookmarked Comics Kingdom Digital page is at The Seattle Times which will carry the daily and Sunday strips. Either scroll through the pages of comics or use the drop down box to find the Tribune strips.

The Tribune strips are not showing up at newspapers’ GoComics Digital pages either.

Comics Kingdom was not without its own problems. Vintage Mark Trail and Brick Bradford has not updated for a week or two until today when they finally came up, including the missing strips.

Post Script:

As far as I can tell only Joey Weatherford of the Tribune ed-op cartoonists has released a cartoon so far in 2024 and GoComics has carried it.

7 thoughts on “Tribune Content Freeze at GoComics

  1. When I inquired GoComics about the not updating TCA strips Dick Tracy and Gasoline Alley since the end of 2023, I got this response: “Sorry to have caused you some inconvenience. Your classics feature may have gone, but all the rich, wonderful archive content you love is still available on the primary feature page (Ex. “Stone Soup Classics” have been combined back into “Stone Soup”).”

    1. Thank you, Darryl, for updating me on what’s happening with my strip! ? No one tells me anything!

  2. Dick Tracy is back up to date as of 0700 Wednesday morning, including the two missing back days.

  3. If we don’t change the year over to 24 from 23 at the head of the file name, the cartoon doesn’t load. Possibly someone at Tribune made this error, since none of the AMU cartoons I subscribe to went missing.

    I saw all the ‘missing’ Broom Hilda strips on the GoComics site today.

  4. Very strange, because I actually had all of these strips appearing in my comics list AND email every single day. An odd thing I enjoy is watching the copyright year change on the strips and I remember watching it change over on these strips Jan 1. I have Bliss, Broom Hilda, Bound and Gagged, Middleton’s, Animal Crackers. All have been there, newly updated, every day through Dec/Jan ?

    1. And this was through GoComics’ MyComicsPage email?
      ‘Cause it certainly didn’t show up in mine until the third of January.

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