Andrews McMeel Locks In The Lockhorns

As we reported last month Bunny Hoest with John Reiner are switching distributors, taking The Lockhorns panel to Andrews McMeel Syndication (AMS) beginning January 1, 2024 after 55 years with King Features Syndicate.

Further confirmation is that AMS has added The Lockhorns to its list of comics available to newspapers…

and created a The Lockhorns page in anticipation of the coming acquisition.

(Yes, that’s the January 1, 2024 panel being previewed on the Andrews McMeel The Lockhorns page above.)

The Lockhorns doesn’t yet have a place holder at GoComics nor can it be added to your “Comics I Follow” yet.

For the present The Lockhorns can be read at Comics Kingdom.

Newspapers are already advising readers they will be losing a favorite comic.

The Creston News Advertiser via Yahoo News:

Dec. 20—The Creston News Advertiser’s comic strip provider will no longer have The Lockhorns starting Jan. 1.

The replacement will be Bizarro by Wayno & Piraro. Bizarro takes a surreal and satirical look at our idiosyncratic world. Observing simple everyday things with a twisted sensibility, this panel offers a reliably weird rectangle of absurdity.

The News Advertiser is part of the Shaw Media a group of about 50, mostly weekly, newspapers. They do have seven dailies including The News Advertiser. It is unknown if all seven have a comics page or if they carry the same comics.