Letter From Patrick: The Guard Dog Story

From Patrick McDonnell:

On November 1st, the Guard Dog story began running in newspapers and on MUTTS.com. And, today, this part of Guard Dog’s journey comes to a happy ending and new beginning…

…Telling a tale like this in a daily comic strip is a different reading experience. Media today trains us for immediate satisfaction for our dwindling attention spans. Telling a longer story with only three panels every 24 hours for seven weeks adds a lot of tension and, I’ve learned, anxiousness. I appreciated your patience and faith…

Read Patrick’s full letter to readers here where Patrick appreciates the amazing hug this story received from readers, tells why he had to do this story, reveals the origin of Guard Dog’s new name “Sparky” which most of us here had guessed, and more about the feel good story of the year (scroll down to read The Guard Dog Story).

p.s.: Patrick has a joyful post script to his letter.

3 thoughts on “Letter From Patrick: The Guard Dog Story

  1. The story of Guard Dog is too good not to turn it into a book. It is one with such compassion and if one learns to have compassion of animals, then it will automatically transfer to showing compassion of people.

  2. I’m so happy for Guard Dog – I actually cried when Doozy’s family adopted him, cuz I knew they’d give him the love he never had before. And, I grieve for the real dogs that are still waiting for their “happily ever after”.

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