A Random Selection of Comics

The First Dog on the Moon presents “a random selection” of topics that didn’t pass muster.

We’ve stood that on its head to highlight some comics we think deserve recognition, though not eight samples like First Dog on the Moon had.

Brad Pattullo contributes a monthly comic strip to The Erie Reader.

This Summer Brad, as a cartoon character, began experimenting with the medium.

This takes him into The Comicverse where he meets versions of comics by Charles Schulz, Bill Watterson, Jeff MacNelly, and Antonio Prohias (so far). The Erie Reader/Brad Pattullo archive is here.


According to reader/writer/Peanuts fan P. N. Hinton she’s “always had a soft spot for this adorable beagle from the first time I read one of Schulz’s comics in the funny pages as a wee book dragon.”

… As such, I became fairly well-versed in Snoopy and all his various personas and endeavors. There is Joe Cool, who was super popular in the mid-’90s. There was his World War I Flying Ace, who tried valiantly to take down the Red Baron. And then there were his multiple attempts at starting a successful writing career.

P.N. takes “by no means a comprehensive” look at Snoopy as a relatable author for Book Riot.


I am reliably informed that it is de rigueur this time of year to include an occasional Christmas story.

Bill Amend presents the Foxtrot Holiday tale “Andy the Grinch” from 1999.


The December 25, 2023 issue of The New Yorker is out.

Michael Maslin informs us that “It’s the 3rd “Cartoons & Puzzles Issue,” with numerous pages of the magazine devoted to multi-panel strips.” And that the cover is by Edward Steed.

Michael name-checks the cartoonists of the regular cartoons and the special comics of this issue.

And, as always, takes a look at The Talk of the Town illustration (a special one for this issue):


From Man Martin – another Christmas comic.


Or two.

The Winter Solstice bring an early Christmas present in the form of a new The Far Side cartoon by Gary Larson.

ScreenRant believes it wouldn’t have made it into newspapers during The Far Side’s original run.

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  1. Did you check with Larson before embedding his new drawing? Several months ago his webshop lawyers lodged a complaint with wordpress, which resulted in the unceremonious deletion of a large number of his images from the “Comics I Don’t Understand” website (now at CIDU.info, search there for “Far Side” to see the damage). So much for “fair use”, but it seemed especially pointless (and petty) when one considers the enormous number of Far Side images running elsewhere around the Internet (for example, at pinterest).

    1. I would hope that only reproducing a quarter corner of the cartoon
      with a link to the entirety would pass muster.

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