The Sunday Funnies, Notes and Remarks

Has J. C. Duffy given up the daily grind?

After four weeks of daily reruns The Fusco Brothers Sunday edition has caught up and is a rerun today.

To paraphrase what I said when I noted Mother Goose and Grimm had gone rerun a couple months ago:

Of course I fully expect new Fusco Brothers tomorrow now that I mentioned it.

[update: the conspiracy continues]

At least when I mentioned Junco Canché I had him back me up that he was off La Cucaracha.

Until today when he and his signature “J” returns for one final(?) La Cucaracha with a hat tip from Lalo Alcaraz.

Continuing with the comic artists…

Last Sunday’s Judge Parker and this Sunday’s Judge Parker:

Doesn’t the art seem more angular? Is Bret Blevins now on the Sunday pages?

Darrin Bell‘s use of the phrase “born 150 years too late” in Candorville naturally took me back to another comic and its subtitle “Born Twenty Years Too Soon” from J. R. Williams’ Out Our Way panel.

The British Invasion

Its a strip from England by a couple of Brits but … haven’t Andy Capp and Chalkie dropped a couple of NA’s?

Whereas in Flo & Friends I have no argument with friend Larry who mirrors my thinking of those vinyl heroes.

Zippy has Zerbina taking us farther back to an old English nursery rhyme/music hall ditty.

That Wikipedia link tells us that the rhyme had recently been transformed to refer to the current Duke of York:

The grand old Duke of York, he had twelve million quid.

He gave it to someone he never met, for something he never did.

Maybe Griffy heard that recent version?

Politics isn’t really my area here but since its come up, doesn’t today’s Willy Black remind you of some politicians?

Finally, some confirmation:

When we heard about the all-new Flash Gordon comic strip one question we had was if the new version would replace the Jim Keefe reruns offered by the King Features Weekly Service (KFWS). While rummaging through the archives we found proof that the new did indeed replace the old.

The Kosciusko Mississippi Star-Herald shows that KFWS did their replacement at the same time as King Features Syndicate introduced the Dan Schkade interpretation. And yes, Star-Herald readers were left hanging on that same cliff that Comics Kingdom readers were. Also it shows that Schkade does have to make the strip’s adventures understandable to comic fans who only get the Sunday episodes.