Prepping for Tomorrow’s Doonesbury

G. B. Trudeau revisits an earlier Doonesbury (or two) on Sunday December 10, 2023.

The “previous strip about Balance of Nature” referred to above is from June 4 of this year.

At that time Arnold Zwicky did some background for us on the supplements:

… (#1) The capsule regimen is overly complex (6 capsules a day: 3 a day for each of 2 separate supplements, Fruits and Veggies); the supplement is expensive (it works out to $3/day); and the benefits of the supplements are dubious, despite the “clinical studies” lampooned in the strip …

Trudeau also brings up Prevagen, a memory supplement, tomorrow which he had satirized on February 14, 2021.

This had also prompted Arnold Zwicky commentary:

… I’d been noticing recently how the people offering testimonials in Prevagen ads don’t actually claim that their memory has improved or that the product has reversed their memory loss, which is what they’d say if the placebo effect was all that was going on. Instead, they merely testify, more indirectly, that they feel that things have improved, that it seems to them that their memories have sharpened. This is an extremely careful choice of wording…

Now you are ready for the December 10, 2023 Sunday Doonesbury.

As is my wont the TV is on for background noise, usually to a cable news station. In this case MSNBC which ran a Balance of Nature ad while I was working on this report. Not to ignore Fox, the ads are commonplace on both stations.

Doonesbury © G. B. Trudeau

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  1. It probably is very funny …. But the font in the strip is too small for me to read! Even after expanding with the built in Windows font enlarger thingy ….

    1. Just before each Sunday strip above is a link to the corresponding Doonesbury GoComics page where the strip is shown in a different larger format, just without the title panel.

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