Chris and Carroll Browne Estate Sale

Cartoonist Chris Browne passed away early this year, now much of his, and his wife Carroll who predeceased him by a few years, estate is going up for sale.

KELO of Sioux Falls South Dakota reports:

Now 10 months after his passing much of his estate is going up for sale at his home on Garfield Drive. The house is full, and I mean full, some Hagar the Horrible related, some not. But there is lots to see and lots to sell.

“Everything is priced in the house, said Debi Fujan, owner of Estate Sales by Debi. “You grab a bag, a shopping bag, and you shop it like you would a boutique or a store. We have a till up front, and you just pay for it and out the door.”

Chris was a collector of unique items, room after room is filled. From Beatles memorabilia, to ornate furniture, to jewelry to kitchen items, everything is for sale. Of course the big sellers will be some of the original artwork.

The 4 day sale begins [this morning, December 6] at ten. Here is a link to the estate sale website with pictures of some of the items.

Which us an understatement – there are hundreds of pictures showing thousands of items.

Debi Fujan says:

this site will only let me post a 4 day sale, however we are having a 5th day on Sunday. Hours will be 10:00-4:00 and it will be our half price day. Not included in half price will be Chris’s art and gold and sterling jewlery. Everything else will be half off on Sunday, Dec 10th

The Chris and Carroll Browne estate includes

Art, many of Chris’s originals ($$$) both signed and unsigned , plus originals from other cartoonists

Jewelry, 14K, 10K, Sterling and costume- a whole room full!

Beads, high end beads to make jewelry 

Leather chairs

Sea shells and coral, a huge collection from all over the world


Japan tin toys, most with boxes in like new condition 

A whole back patio filled with wonderful items!

Collections of collectible coins

Books and comic books, a whole library full

McKenzies Child collection, huge amount!

Whimsical items

large collection of Nippon

Plus so much more !

4 thoughts on “Chris and Carroll Browne Estate Sale

  1. I would like to see what is being sold.

    I am interested in original arts , comic related magazines or books and toys.

    1. Both of the links at the bottom of this article lead you to the auction photos of art for sale and contact info.

  2. Boy, the estate is missing a bet by not using an auction house that ships. I would have bid on something if it was really online.

    1. yeah i’m surprised, too that they didn’t use an auction house. Heritage Auctions would have lapped this up

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