Here Come De Judge!

Here are the missing Judge Parker Vintage (KFS) strips, plus a bonus! Sunday strips that are within the 7-day continuity!

But first, this word from Abigail Van Buren:

3 thoughts on “Here Come De Judge!

  1. Thanks for the Judge Parker strips. I read them trying to see a link between the content and the absence of the strips in the King Features distribution but I suppose it’s just random. It sure breaks up the story line.

  2. Thanks for this, Mike. Easier than me searching in the archives for these. It’s interesting the KFS/Comics Kingdom has continued forward with the vintage Judge Parker, as when it launched, they said they only had 10 years of strips. Probably because of the syndicate change from Field to NAS? Not sure. I guess, it doesn’t surprise me that there are gaps in what they have.

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