Sunday Service: The Catholic Cartoon

The Catholic Cartoon is about a kind and quirky Parish Priest named Fr. Otto. He, along with his parishioners at St. Sebastian’s, experience fun and wholesome moments that will surely make your day full of laughter! 

Last year we featured Joshua Masterson’s The Catholic Cartoon comic strip and now Aleteia (“offer[ing] a Christian vision of the world…through the passion and professional expertise of lay Catholics”) provides an update:

A new comic strip in the old fashioned newspaper format is warming hearts, promoting the Catholic faith, and may soon be coming to a bulletin near you. Titled “The Catholic Cartoon,” this series presents the antics of Father Otto, a parish priest who is the vehicle for the many Catholic-themed puns and observations of artist Joshua Masterson.

While many comic series like The Catholic Cartoon got their big break in newspapers, in true Catholic fashion, Masterson would like to leave his mark on parish bulletins. He is currently in talks with several parishes that are interested in syndicating his comic and printing it in their weekly parish bulletin. If successful, The Catholic Cartoon could soon be in bulletins around the US. 

Until then, Masterson is happy to announce that he has begun working with Voyage Comics, makers of high quality Catholic themed graphic novels, to publish the first volume of The Catholic Cartoon’s collection. The volume is already on sale, with the first prints scheduled to ship out in the first week of December, making it a tempting offering for the Christmas season. 

Visit Voyage Comics to reserve your copy today.

The Aleteia article.

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