Brian Ashby Retires From Editooning

The Daily Independent of Ashland Kentucky has revealed that Brain Ashby, their freelance editorial cartoonist, has retired from drawing opinions for the newspaper after six years.

From The Daily Independent:

Brian Ashby had a gift, so, we thought, let’s give him the opportunity to share it with the area while tackling pertinent news topics.

Upon further discovery, Mr. Ashby also brought forth an unexpected news sense. We were pleasantly surprised. He is keenly aware of what news subjects affect our readers and how to entice them to react with their own opinions. (After all, it is an opinion page).

Ashby didn’t shy away from controversy, but he also was more than eager to bring heartfelt illustrations to life. Some were cute, some were exceptionally funny, and some were brave. He didn’t mind the heat that came with conveying a strong message.

So, why are we writing this editorial in mostly past tense?

Brian Ashby has decided to pen his final cartoon (with the possible exception of a few more “special” ones in the future). Today marks his 250th for The Daily Independent.

Below is Brian’s first cartoon for The Daily Independent from August 20, 2017, the feature image to this post is, as far as I can determine, his last cartoon for The Daily Independent. All cartoons © Brian Ashby/The Daily Independent.

Check out many more of Brian’s editorial cartoons as well as his other cartoon art at his Facebook page.