Mutts Guard Dog Story Brings Reaction

From The New York Daily News via Yahoo:

Brooklyn: As a lifelong animal lover who is always entertained by your comic “Mutts,” I am greatly disturbed by your recent cartoon depicting a bull dog chained to a post and left alone by his owner. I thought comics were supposed to bring a smile to my face, lift my spirits or exude a chuckle. This recent version of “Mutts” is appalling, dark and disturbing.

Bronx: With all the sadness and destruction in the world today, why would the creator of “Mutts” want to show such a cruel and heartless storyline? I know I’m not the only one feeling this way and I can’t tell you how I cry each and every day after reading it.

© Patrick McDonnell

Patrick McDonnell‘s current story in Mutts has brought concerned letters to editors…and reactions to those letters.

From The New York Daily News:

To Voicers Valerie Costa and Debra Maddalena: I can’t believe that you can not see where the cartoonist is going with the “Mutts” comic strip. Yes, the storyline so far has been sad, but so is real life. There are people who actually will leave a dog tied up and move

Such hand-wringing by “Mutts” readers over the mistreated dog being abandoned by its owner! I’ll bet dollars to donuts the pooch

From The Orlando Sentinel:

I’ve been following the uproar over the comic strip Mutts. Readers are upset that cartoonist Patrick McDonnell is highlighting an abused dog. Having been on the receiving end of irate letters for my cartoons, I can relate.

We pet owners are attached to our furry family members, so I get that Patrick struck a raw nerve.

A letter-writer (“Mutts comic is cruel,” Nov. 22) suggested that…

The commenters at Comics Kingdom have also reacted, with the snarkers mostly muted.

Its hard to stop my tears … Guard Dog needs his friends and especially Doozy. She deserves him and he needs her.

I just knew it that Guard Dog would become dehydrated and starved. Outside 24/7 in the elements just hastens it. I’m still sad and angry because I wanted Guard Dog saved already, like last week.

This Guard Dog story started November 1, 2023.

The Mutts Comics Guard Dog page.

13 thoughts on “Mutts Guard Dog Story Brings Reaction

  1. Mr. McDonnell’s current storyline is likely the most gripping one he’s presented and it should serve to call attention to the tragedy of pet owners ignoring and/or abandoning animals. This happens all around us and the guilty should be punished.

    1. I completely agree! Kudos to Patrick for addressing this issue. I hope it will encourage animal lovers everywhere to report the situation, and take all available measures to stop it. There are guidelines for handling this on the internet. Have a heart!

  2. Anyone who reads “Mutts” knows McDonnell has a soft spot for animals and has done plenty of strips pertaining to that, even ones that lean on the heart-tugging side.

  3. I’m hopeful that this story will end happily. In the meantime, Guard Dog will remain in my thoughts.

    1. I can’t stand the thought of Guard Dog being abandoned. Been holding my breath hoping for a good outcome, he wasn’t in the cartoon today. What happened?

  4. My husband and I race for the paper in the morning hoping that he will be rescued by Doozy. Almost there(fingers crossed) We have rescued 2 dogs that had the same fate(chained, beaten and starved). Thank God for people who rescue these animals, rehabilitate them and teach them how to act in a home! One man I would like to give a huge shout out too is Randy Rescue, Gulf Shore, Alabama! He and his staff are SAINTS! Penthouses in heaven for these special people

  5. I set my alarm for 5 AM when Mutts hits my email. Than I cannot go back to sleep. This is how I felt when Farley passed away.

  6. So glad I’m not alone in my concern. I hope this story line comes to a very happy conclusion soon. Guard dog deserves nothing less

  7. Please tell me guard dog will make and go live with Doozy and the evil prior owner will be punished

    1. I hope that Guard Dog lives and finds a Happy home with that little girl. There’s enough sadness in the world

  8. My 93 year old. mother has been laying awake nights hoping for a positive end to Guard dog and Doozy ….soon ! she is emotionally distraught from this part of the strip, I so do wish that it comes to a happy ending soon as it looks like things are suddenly starting to look up. All of our cats have been rescues and it breaks our heart.

  9. It is touching to read the comments re: the inconsolable sadness resultant of the Guard Dog situation. We animal lovers recognize the need to alert citizens to love and care for all animals, especially our pets. Like so many others, I am terribly distressed when I read the daily “Mutts” comic strip. I keep telling myself it is just a strip, but in my heart I know that sadly such situations exist. Like others, each day I grab the paper in hopes of learning Guard Dog is rescued by Doozy. Please, Mr. McDonnell, let there be a savior for this beloved soul – and soon.

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