The Funnies, Yesterday and Today

Can any one translate the entire message from today’s Free Range?

for thing that … was … you … dying because ?????

When I look out my window
Many sights to see
And when I look in my window
So many different people to be

They’re strange, so strange

This ain’t your father’s Gil Thorp. (Must be the season of the witch.)

Yesterday I couldn’t decide which “Comic Panel of the Day” to put on the TDC Facebook page.

It was between The Buckets or Barney & Clyde. Unable to pick one I went elsewhere for content:

Francesco Marciuliano has a few running (annual) gags at his Sally Forth strip,

yesterday he treated us to The Halloween Kid run at his Medium Large.

Loved the color coordination of the strip and the title panel in the Sunday Six Chix.

Friday’s Luann was sweet, though today’s strip seems to show troubled waters ahead.

Maybe the best Halloween scary story was in the Sunday Phoebe and Her Unicorn.

Unseating Prince Valiant, the all-new Flash Gordon has rapidly risen to the top of my adventure strips list.

Yeah, it’s the new shiny toy so we’ll see how long it stays on top. But, so far, I’m impressed.

The comic I’m looking forward to is Tuesday’s Gasoline Alley. Curious to see the Sunday strip revisited.