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We know where Mike is, but me? – I’m all over the place. Following are items from hither and yon.

Last month we noted that Peter Steiner’s “On the internet no one knows you’re a dog” panel went to auction.

Michael Maslin lets us know the results ($175,000) – yeah, a reason to use paper and ink rather than a Cintiq.


Lynn Larkin, at the Classic Comic Strips Facebook page, in forms us of a perfect match.

Heathcliff’s Peter Gallagher is interviewed in the October issue of Weird NJ.


Coming in February 2024 is The Illustrated Mark Twain and the Buffalo Express.

The Illustrated Mark Twain and the Buffalo Express collects ten feature stories published by Twain in the Buffalo Express during his year-long tenure at the publication, accompanied by illustrations drawn by six artists over a span of nearly 115 years alongside insightful analysis from author and Twain scholar Thomas J. Reigstad.

Illustrations are by Mark Twain, John Harrison Mills, True Williams, Tom Toles, Adam Zyglis, and Bill Watterson.

A dozen years ago The Daily Cartoonist noted the Bill Watterson drawings for The Mark Twain Journal.


I’m proud of this comic and I think it’s my favorite one to date. It is staged like a motion picture, with reverse angles, downshots, and a variety of character attitudes.

FurBabies © Nancy Beiman

Nancy Beiman describes the animated evolution of the delightful FurBabies comic strip.

I originally ended the September 23 strip with a tight closeup of Floof saying “I love my baby brother.” This ‘smash cut’ made her look imposing and lionlike, and was a mistake. I redrew the strip…


Speaking of animation…

Animation historian Jerry Beck lists ten more of his favorite cartoons.

As I stated the first time around, these are not films chosen for historical importance or great qualities of artistic expression (though I think you could find that in each).

This list is subjective and its simply a list of cartoons I cherish for personal reasons, usually based on what age I was when I first saw them, how they affected me then, and how they went on to shape my point of view.


Last night, at a joyful ceremony at the Cooper Hewitt, the Smithsonian Design Museum bestowed its coveted honors on the winners of the 2023 National Design Awards, recognizing innovation and impact across 10 categories. Holler loud and holler proud. The winners deserve it all.

At the top of the list, Seymour Chwast, 92, received due recognition as “Design Visionary” for his lifetime of work as an editorial and children’s book illustrator, typographer and type designer, and co-founder of the legendary Push Pin Studio.

Steven Heller reports on the 2023 National Design Awards with a special emphasis on Seymour Chwast.


Stephan Pastis will take some time to explore his roots.

Pearls Before Swine © Stephan Pastis

From The Akron Beacon Journal:

Stephan Pastis has heard about Akron all of his life. Now he’ll finally get to see it.

His family roots here go back more than a century.

The 56-year-old author and cartoonist plans to do a lot of sightseeing when he comes to town to discuss and sign his new book, “Looking Up,” at noon Oct. 15 at Barnes & Noble in Montrose.

“To me, it’s a homecoming of sorts,” he said…

“I have Ohio all researched, so I’m going to do a trip where I really spend time there,” he said. “Probably 10 days or maybe more.”


Occasionally Facebook gets it right.

© Paul Woods

Scrolling down my Facebook page today I came across the above as “suggested for you.”

I laughed out loud and searched for more Woodsy cartoons. Found ’em at Bored Panda.

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