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In the vast universe of comics, specific names stand out for their creativity and ability to touch the human soul with simple ink strokes. One such name is Ricardo Siri, better known by his pen name, “Liniers.” His creation, Macanudo, is more than just a comic strip; it reflects life, love, and the myriad emotions that define the human experience.

The Comics Kingdom blog celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with a Liniers/Macanudo profile.

[The] seamless blend of the surreal and the mundane is a testament to Liniers’ storytelling prowess.

The article ends with brief salutes to other Hispanic cartoonists (none of whom work for rival Andrews McMeel).


Bob Clampett’s Wackyland reimagined with Daffy Duck and Stop Motion Animation.

The new stop-motion Looney Tunes short, Daffy in Wackyland, was the toast of the town when it premiered at Annecy last June. This month, the clever project is also one of the titles competing at the Ottawa International Animation Festival.

© Warner Bros.

Animation Magazine’s Ramin Zahed interviews director Max Winston about the new look Wackyland.

What was the toughest part of your Daffy venture?

The biggest challenge was trying to really get that Looney Tunes “feel,” in terms of the look, the acting and the overall vibe. Although I was given complete freedom, I wanted it to exist as a classic Looney Tunes short, rather than something I’ve created completely out of left-field and just plopped Looney Tunes characters into. So, just really trying to make the short feel like a classic Looney Tunes short come to life in the third-dimension; that was tricky.

The Clampett Classic; albeit colorized.


On Sept. 9, Seymour Chwast (b. 1931) was inducted into the Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame. This is at once welcome and perplexing news. He has received so many honors and accolades over the course of an inspirational seven-decade career—duly acknowledged for pioneering a mid-20th century modern genre of witty conceptual editorial and advertising illustration—some people (myself included) might have reasonably assumed that this Society of Illustrators tribute was already one of these honors. Despite the gap between perception and reality, his induction into the Hall of Fame has come at an extraordinarily auspicious time for the 92-year-old wunderkind.

Steven Heller adapts his 2023 SOI Hall of Fame program entry on Seymour Chwast to his blog.


Original art of Charles Schulz’s Peanuts, Jeff Smith’s Bone, Walt Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, and Bill Watterson’s Calvin and HobbesBilly Ireland’s Jenny Robb gives a tour of the Museum and Library.


“We’re already in our second printing,” Bill Griffith tells me. We were talking at the Small Press Expo , the annual Maryland convention of independent comic book creators.

Griffith is the author of Three Rocks: The Story of Ernie Bushmiller: The Man Who Created Nancy. Griffith’s book was the most popular at this year’s Small Press Expo, or SPX. There was a long line that went outside the hall and down the corridor of readers waiting for Griffith to sign their copy.

For The Washington Examiner Mark Judge lingers around Bill Griffith‘s table at the SPX.

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  1. Wow! Calvin had a bowl cut originally. Who knew?! Thanks for that wonderful video of the cartoon museum.

  2. It’s great to see that Jenny Robb has recovered from her recent illness. I hope to visit the Billy Ireland museum someday (and I wonder if they have any of my animation artwork in the collection?)

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