No Spoiler Alerts, Read At Your Own Risk

With apologies to Mike Peterson, Crabgrass was the Comic Strip of the Day.

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Perfect timing. The Chainsaw Cabin story was over, as far as we knew, with Saturday’s denouement and we moved on to the unrelated Sunday strip. Then >Wham< here’s an epilogue about a forgotten detail of the Chainsaw plot. Wonderful!

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen the traditional “Next: A New Adventure” caption on The Phantom comic strip since, basically, it has been one years-long story. So instead of a new adventure we get a new chapter. But the end may be in sight – from Tony DePaul‘s blog of a week ago:

For that moment in panel 1 [link added], we see him thinking at the crossroads of existentialism—what is, how we actually are—and epistemology, what it is that we can know. Any reader who sees that will understand it as part of the ontological through line in this tale; mere man at the uncertain center of obscure machinations: prophecy, fate, destiny, free will, no free will…

Mike Manley’s at work on the seventh and final chapter in the Wrack and Ruin series. On the chapter’s closing day, the Phantom has an idea how the eternal question gets answered for him.

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Is “The Journey Home” the beginning of the final chapter of Wrack and Ruin?

For Heaven’s Sake introduces a new(?) character to The Flock.

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This crippled Calvinist knows no Latin. Maybe more informed scholars can expound on God’s new lamb.

Another Dick Tracy whodunnit from Eric Costello.

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No spoiler alert needed as the crime has just happen. But I’m betting this is no mere Minit Mystery like the recent Costello short. No, I’m thinking this will be a longer and more involved enigma. Though who knows about the length of the story or the killer at this point.

Late notices from last week.

Also late is the September 13 panel of The Lockhorns.

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This should have bee scheduled for four days earlier. The Lockhorns debuted on September 9, 1968.

Thought of the Day comes from Herb and Jamaal and Ike.

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Warped by Michael Cavna takes Comic Strip of the Week (or more) with his Celebrate Comics series.

I don’t know if he was inspired by the recent National Cartoonists Society’s Reuben Awards or not (or if they are brand new), but his daily installments about comics and cartooning that started last Wednesday are wonderfully entertaining for fans of the art.

More good news: the conspiracy continues into this week!

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Today’s feature image comes from today’s funny Zits comic strip.

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  1. I doubt For Heavens Sake has more than 5 new strips a year. The vast majority have been run and rerun and rerun and… Including the one pictured.

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