Smerconish Smertoonists

In the morning it is my wont to have a news program on in the background while surfing the internet.

The news channels change frequently but this morning it was CNN and Michael Smerconish for a while. Smerconish got my attention when he plugged his newsletter featuring exclusive political cartoons.

Smerconish has, beginning in July, signed editorial cartoonists to provide exclusive content for his newsletter.

Jack Ohman (Tuesdays), Rob Rogers (Wednesdays), and Steve Breen (Thursdays) are providing weekly content for the Michael Smerconish Newsletter. Rob Rogers seems to have replaced Signe Wilkinson.

Congratulations to the cartoonists and a pat on the back to Smerconish for providing a platform.

images © individual cartoonists and cribbed from the Smerconish Facebook page, where the banner headline also comes from