Hey Kids! Comics! Summer’s End Schedule


Below are some comic strip and cartoon books scheduled for September 2023 release.
Images and links (mostly) via Amazon,
though ordering through your local comic shop or independent book store is a good idea.

Unsupervised: A Crabgrass Comics Adventure

Out of Line: The Graphic Humor of D. Watson

How to Make Money Writing for Comics Magazines (new printing)

Tig and Lily: Party Animals

Everything’s Coming Up Beatrix!: A Breaking Cat News Adventure

The New Nancy: Flexible and Relatable Daily Comics in the Twenty-First Century

Treasure Chest Volume One (1946)

A Pug’s Guide to Good Manners

Parenting Is Weird: Tails from the Litterbox

Fred Basset Yearbook 2024

This Country: Searching for Home in (Very) Rural America (exceprt)

The Bund: A Graphic History of Jewish Labour Resistance

The EC Archives: Two-Fisted Tales Volume 1

Keep It Down Up There!: The Everyday Shenanigans of Noisy Neighbors

Sergio Aragonés Groo: Gods Against Groo

Robert Williams: Conversations

The Chillingly Weird Art Of Matt Fox

The Rupert Annual 2024

Asterix Omnibus Vol. 10

Some absent from the August list:

The Collective Unconscience of Odd Bodkins: Anniversary Edition

Block Party: a Next Door Neighbors collection

Krazy Kat: 1924 Daily Strips. Revised Edition

Stuck on a Wall: A Collection of Humorous Gag Cartoons and Illustrations

Bob the Angry Flower: Different Dooms DELUXE

Back to September for a few more:

Alley Oop and The Monarchs of Gorp

The Beatles Yellow Submarine

The Super Hero’s Journey (signed edition)

Midnight Snack: A Zits Collection

featured image © Bill Whitehead

2 thoughts on “Hey Kids! Comics! Summer’s End Schedule

  1. Thanks DD for keeping up with these newly published books; I really appreciate your efforts. One question: I notice two books here that seem to be comic strip reprints (of Crabgrass and Breaking Cat News) that are being marketed as “Comics Adventure”s. Is this just a gimmick to make people think it is new material? Cuz the sample pages sure look like strips from the regular series. Maybe there’s new material added pulling the strips together into a story? Or do these strips actually have an ongoing storyline — sorry, neither of them is on my regular reading list.

    1. The comic strips these days do have ongoing storylines – longer than the one or two week stories that used to be the norm (Crabgrass just finished a five week continuity. the current Phoebe and Her Unicorn story began in the first half of July). The longer plots are usually separated by a week or two of gag strips – sometimes connected, sometimes not.
      As to the “adventure” designation … I’d like to say that Andrews McMeel uses that for their comic book-sized (width & height) paperbacks but some, like last month’s Big Nate, do not carry that classification.
      And, yes, they are reprints of earlier newspaper strips. Don’t know if they add exra art like Walt Kelly did with his Pogo books.

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