The Debut of Politico’s California Playbook Opens With Jack Ohman Caricatures

Jack Ohman helped Politico kick off their new California Playbook page.

THE BUZZ — Covering California’s mercurial political figures is no easy feat — but neither is capturing them in cartoon form.

The Golden State is home to so many political giants — from San Francisco’s Nancy Pelosi to Bakersfield’s Kevin McCarthy — and to celebrate POLITICO’s expansion as we go even deeper in our coverage of the power dynamics across the state, we commissioned Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoonist Jack Ohman to draw five-foot caricatures of those personalities.

Ohman, a Sacramento institution in his own right, has carved a storied career, most recently with The Sacramento Bee. He drew 18 political figures for the official launch of our expansion at a party in Sacramento tonight that will feature a fireside chat between our Christopher Cadelago and Gov. Gavin Newsom.

The Ohman caricatures were mentioned again in the Wednesday California Playbook:

HAPPY WEDNESDAY. Thanks for waking up with Playbook. And thanks again for partying with us Tuesday night. Let us know if you snapped a selfie with one of the 18 political caricatures commissioned from Jack Ohman. The Jerry Brown cartoon was the most coveted — guests tried to pilfer it three different times.

So impressed that Politico even worked up a separate story about Jack and his California caricatures.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Covering California’s mercurial political leaders is no easy feat — capturing their personalities in cartoon form when they have camera-ready hair and made-for-TV smiles can be even tougher.

But political cartoonist Jack Ohman has been excelling at it for decades, earning a Pulitzer Prize for capturing the essence of politicians in a state that has produced some of the nation’s most dynamic power players.

With Jack describing his method of attacking the drawing of Nancy Pelosi, Kevin McCarthy, and Gavin Newsom.